best yoga poses for stress and anxiety

7 Best Yoga Poses for Stress and Anxiety

Achieve calmness and relaxation with these easy yoga poses

In the US, stress is on the rise. A recent survey American Psychiatric Association (APA) reported 40 percent of Americans are more anxious than the year before. 

But that’s not all. Around 18 percent of American adults struggle with an anxiety disorder.

Constant anxiety leads to frustration, fear, and downright exhaustion. 

Not only does stress affect the mind, stress and anxiety reduce your energy levels and if unchecked can even lead to weight gain.


This is where yoga comes in. Yoga can help you achieve calmness and relaxation. In this article, you’ll learn about the easy yoga poses for stress and anxiety. 

Let’s dive in.

1. Yoga Easy Pose (With Breath Awareness)

This pose will help you when you’re feeling anxious. 

When you’re anxious, you get to take shallow breaths in a fast way. And that can further increase your symptoms when you have anxiety. 

You can sit in a position that involves crossing your leg. Then slowly breathe in and out, evenly to experience a huge relief.

You can gently now release yourself as you start encouraging each inhales and exhale so that they become slightly fuller. 

You can place one hand on your belly while the other one at the center of your heart. When you are at this point, you start experiencing a soothing feeling as you breathe in a way that’s relaxing and expansive.

2. The Yoga Cat / Cow Pose

Anxiety causes tension and stiffness which can cause the body to be rigid. 

When you start doing yoga, your body will move in a fluid way that will sync with your breath so that it gets incredibly liberated.

The cow pose involves shaping up poses while encouraging your breaths to be full. 

It would be best if you went with what you feel most. You don’t need to hurry your movements.

3. The Yoga Plank Pose


The plank pose is a good yoga pose for anxiety. It can help you to learn how to respond to mild challenges that will make you calm in any situation. 

When you hold the plank for a while, it can get to provide comfort in your mind. It allows you to maintain calm breath even in situations that are not easy. 

This yoga pose isn’t a massive challenge. Still, it will provide quality help in elevating your confidence and self-determination that tend to be lost in the heat of anxiety and stress. 

4. The Yoga Standing Forward Fold

The forward fold yoga has its combination with an inversion position which provides maximum calmness. 

You will be able to imagine your concerns and worries at the same time when you get to leave your mind as well as body. You will get the crown on your head fall off as you release it into the earth.

This yoga pose will enable you to judge everything that you feel as the energy buzzes around your mind. 

And you will experience comfort in staying for a few breaths. It’s enough to help you out with the tension that you are feeling. 

5. The Yoga Tree 

This is one of the best yoga poses for stress and anxiety. If you feel disconnected and scattered but want to get a balanced pose, then the tree pose is for you. 

One of the things I love about this position is that it anchors your present moment.

Like a tree, the pose gives you to have a super grounding which will mainly make you imagine the roots of a growing tree are on you. And your growing down through the leg that’s standing you will connect the sole to the piles of earth ground.


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6. The Yoga Eagle Pose

This pose will help you stay refreshed, collected, and calm during any problematic moment. 

It provides a balance that will benefit you, particularly on your body. Your mind will become still at this single- keen focus. 

Also, you will experience a soothing feeling that will overcome any agitated mind in the few moments of stillness.

7. The Yoga Bridge Pose

When you open up to experience the yoga bridge pose, you will make your heart have space. 

This in turn will help you take away some focus as well as energy from your mind that might be overactive. 

You will also have an uplifting quality at your backside as you experience calmness and a sufficient quiet moment. 


You can also space the block underneath you as the sacrum, and the pose will provide some more little support. 


You may experience some hassle when you’re dealing with anxiety. Carve time out of your day to try these best yoga poses for anxiety and stress.

Whenever you experience suffering due to the situation becoming acute, you can engage in yoga to ease what you’re experiencing. 

Get to feel inspired, well, and free when you feel anxious. You need to be dedicated, fearless, and create a space of need while implementing the yoga poses. 

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