Editorial Policy

Our bodies are one of the most important assets we have to live a healthy, happy and meaningful life. We get it.

And that is why here at Daily Healthy Body, our number one goal is to live that best life every day.

This is why we want you to understand how we do our very best to make create well-researched content, ensure you have accurate information that makes you feel confident.

We also welcome any suggestions, ideas, questions, or comments because we want to serve our readers in the best way possible: please reach out to us by emailing editor (at) dailyhealthybody.com.


Each day when our team writes any piece of content, we strive to hold these principles dearly:

1. Value for readers

Each article is crafted and published to help make our readers more informed than they were before they engaged with our article.

Our researchers and editors go to great lengths to make sure we support topic in articles with reputable research and findings and many more.

2. Expert research is powerful

In the era of “fake news” it’s tempting to live in a bubble online. At dailyhealthybody.com, our hope is to enable you to learn about new expert research and advances in wellness through publications we cite throughout the articles.

3. Daily commitments

A healthy body doesn’t happen overnight. We believe it takes commitment, effort, and the desire to make progress.

This is why we make a commitment to help you make this journey of health fun and consistent by publishing a new blog post daily or at least every other day.

We want to be there with you, each day.