jump rope workout for abs

4 Best Jump Rope Workouts for Stronger and Toned Abs

These exercises will have jumping for joy and a stronger core

Jump rope workouts are powerful for anyone looking to get rid of excess fat around the belly or abs.

It is pretty essential to note that jumping rope works on the abs way better than crunches. 

A jump rope workout for abs is perfect for strengthening the body’s core and improving the abs.  


Let me explain.

Primarily, rope jumping is an exercise for cardiovascular improvement.

Additionally, it also enhances your heart and lungs functioning too while burning excess fat and improving your abs.

This is because the rope jump is efficient and burns more calories within a short period. 

Rope jumping is undoubtedly a full-body exercise as it requires the contribution of the whole body to execute.

This way, all the main muscles in the body become involved and charged. 

In this post, we’ll take a look at our favorite jump rope workouts for stronger abs and core.

Jump Rope Workouts for Abs


There are various types of jump rope routines that might interest you and work on the core.

Let’s look at our favorite ones.

1. Jump Rope Criss-Cross

This rope jump technique improves the upper body muscles, full-body balance, and core coordination. 

It usually involves upper body parts like the shoulder and pectoral muscles.

The criss-cross fulfills its primary objective of reducing fat percentage in the body, most especially in the abdominal region, chest, underarms, and belly. 

Research proves jump rope to be a beneficial one as it makes the waist and lowers back less sturdy or rigid. 

How to do Jump Rope Criss-Cross

  • Stand straight with arms to the side and shoulders relaxed
  • Bring your feet slightly together to get a good stance 
  • Bring both shoulders in
  • Cross your hands over each other in the desired manner as you swing the rope over and below your body

2. Jump Rope Side Swing 

Doing the side swing rope jumps provides you with the privilege of having a better abs formation.

It is an upper body workout that benefits the core.


That being the case, it helps to ensure flexibility around the core as you turn from side to side. It is pretty easy to imitate or practice.

According to the Journal of Pharmacy and Technology, participation in exercises for the upper body and lower body contributes to core area improvements. 

How to do a Jump Rope Side Swing

  • Stand straight with both hands brought forward 
  • Swing the rope with one hand or both hands to one side
  • Swing the rope to the opposite side
  • Swing the hand from side to side while you are holding onto the rope
  • Maintain a balanced rhythm as you swing

3. Jump Rope Half and Full Twist

The jump rope half and full twists help a great deal with the waist as the body changes directions like a dance move.

Research proves that jump rope routines such as the jump rope twist enhances overall body strength and core flexibility.

How to Jump Rope Half and Full Twist 

  • Stand straight with your arms to each side
  • Put your feet distant from each other to have an athletic stance with your abdomen tightened
  • Begin to swing the rope over and below your body
  • As you do this, twist to the left or right and back to the center for a half twist
  • Go twisting from left to right simultaneously to do a complete twist

4. Jump Rope High Knee Steps

This exercise is done with high-intensity skills such that it engages the lower body, core, and hip flexes.


It keeps the heart rate up. Research shows that exercise involving the knee, arms, toes, and waist contributes to core stabilization.

How to do Jump Rope High Knee Steps: 

  • Stand straight with a good athletic stance 
  • Take the position of a basic rope jump with arms in a plane with the body 
  • Start by swinging a weighted over and below the body 
  • Carefully alternate the knees as you bring your leg high up gradually 
  • Make sure your knees reach a parallel point as you raise them
  • As you get comfortable lifting your knees, increase your pace


Jump rope exercise is a significant exercise type that can produce positive results.

Adding a jump rope workout to your exercise circuit, not only improves abs and core but also ensures all-around wellness.

There is much more to benefit from jumping rope than indulging in several other exercises.