how to tighten skin after weight loss naturally

How to Naturally Tighten Skin After Weight Loss

You did the hard part of losing weight. Here are proven ways to put the icing on the cake

Weight loss is a tedious journey on its own.

What makes it tepid is the result; the presence of excess skin around the abdomen, arms, legs, and thighs. 

In this post, we’ll discuss some ways to naturally tighten your skin as you continue the weight loss journey.

How does weight loss impact skin?

You’ve spent months of hard work on achieving your target goal. It has finally paid off, and you can fit in your old jeans.


However, the only issue left is saggy skin around the belly that is hindering you.

The loose skin puts extra weight on the body. It disrupts the normal elasticity and collagen production in the skin.

Natural ways to get tight skin when you lose weight

1. Hydrate your body

You must have heard this cliche statement that “keep yourself well hydrated!”, “Remember to drink 8 glasses of water”.

This is a truism. Keeping yourself well hydrated maintains internal homeostasis and keeps the elasticity in the skin.

Water is the main component of collagen meshwork.

We often tend to forget some of the most simple tasks that significantly affect our overall health, like drinking water.

People spend long hours exercising and dieting, but they forget to get a daily intake of adequate amounts of water.

You can mix in fruits and vegetables with good water content and carry a water bottle with you. 

Some people think that drinking an excessive amount of coffee burns fat. Studies have also backed this up with a lot of research.

However, drinking loads of coffee puts your kidneys to work.


Coffee reduces the intake of water. It is a diuretic which means drinking coffee will result in excessive urination, which also washes out essential minerals and electrolytes.

2. Use firming creams 

The most crucial components that maintain skin integrity and elasticity are elastin and collagen.

They are responsible for maintaining water content in the skin and expanding and contracting according to demand.

With massive weight loss, the normal physiology and functionality of the skin are disturbed along with other organs.

Firming creams are packed with antioxidants, peptide collagen, boosting factors, protein, and elastin.

They provide extra support to boost skin nutrients to aid in skin tightening. They are composed in a way to boost collagen production and increases collagen synthesis in the skin.

Your dermatologist may also prescribe retinol creams. These creams improve the appearance of the skin and make it smoother.

3. Add resistance training

When losing weight, we also lose muscle mass it. But we know that our focus was only to lose excessive fat and not muscle mass.

To maintain adequate muscle bulk, you need to practice weight resistance training techniques. It increases muscle size and tones the whole body.


Why resistance training exercises?

  • Studies show we lose 3% to 8% of muscle mass in a decade. With increased age, our body starts to lose muscle fiber over time, causing atrophy in old age.

    Resistance training exercises to aid in building muscle mass and reduce muscle breakdown with progressing age. 
  • Resistance training has been shown to benefit people in old age. Training middle-aged and senior individuals help them perform daily tasks effortlessly, such as lifting objects from the ground, carrying groceries, cooking, and cleaning.
  • It helps burn calories faster by increasing metabolism.
  • Resistance training exercise also helps retain calcium in bone, preventing the early onset of osteoporosis that is often seen in young individuals who undergo massive weight loss programs.
  • The resistance training builds up muscle mass that fills up under the skin—giving an appearance of tight skin in general. 

Will I be able to get tight skin naturally after losing weight?

If you’ve lost moderate weight, then getting tighter and firmer skin is not an issue.

With the ways mentioned above, you’ll be able to get tight skin after weight loss in no time.

However, losing excess skin with massive weight loss is quite an issue and may require cosmetic surgery.


Losing body weight is a part of a vast process that includes physical as well as mental involvement.

After shedding a lot of pounds, when you look in the mirror, you see saggy skin folds.

However, you are proud that you’ve achieved your goal; it’s human nature to focus on the negative aspects of every situation.

Accepting yourself when you look into the mirror and dealing with body dysmorphia affects you psychologically.


There are numerous ways you can get naturally tightened skin after weight loss. While losing weight, people often overdo exercises and lose extra muscle mass than expected. 

Because of excess skin, people cannot contemplate how much actual weight they have lost.

This is quite misleading and causes the atrophy of muscles. Performing weight resistance training exercises is always beneficial as it increases muscle mass and burns fat simultaneously. 

Other ways include keeping your body well hydrated, taking essential nutrients, and maintaining an adequate diet.

The diet should consist of a balanced portion of carbs, proteins, and vital nutrients to complete the standard body requirements.