natural foods for weight loss

10 Natural Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight Faster

Nutritious and tasty foods that take the dread out of weight loss

What kind of foods can help you reduce weight in a natural way and achieve your weight loss goals?

Here’s the thing: no food on Earth can reduce your body weight with just a snap of a finger.

And we know that diets that promise the quickest weight loss result will do more harm to our body in the long run. 

But here comes the good news:

Certain natural foods can help you slim down to a healthy weight.

In this post, we’ll discuss natural foods that can help you with weight loss.


Not only will these foods satisfy you, but they’ll also provide you with the essential nutrients your body needs.

How natural foods help with weight loss

 In a study, natural or unprocessed foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and yogurt are associated with weight loss. 

In highlight, the most common thing that these foods share is that they are high in dietary fiber or fiber.

A diet high in dietary fiber are the usual recommendation for people trying to lose weight.

So what’s in fiber that helps you lose weight? 

Consuming more fiber-rich foods can help you lose weight, stick to your diet, and prevents obesity.

Eating decent-sized portions of fiber-rich foods can give you a feeling of satiety after a meal without overdoing it on calories.

You will feel less hungry since it slows down the movement of food throughout the digestive system. Hence, that reduces your chances of eating more foods.

According to research, the incorporation of dietary fiber in your daily routine can effectively stop weight gain.

Furthermore, fiber helps:

To efficiently get rid of the excess weight, you have to eliminate the consumption of highly processed foods that contain sodium and sugar.

Stay hydrated all the time to aid your digestion and avoid bloating. This way, you get to maximize your weight loss efforts.

Natural foods for weight loss

1. Dark, green leafy vegetables

Fresh green leafy vegetables are potential foods that can promote positive outcomes on weight-loss.

It holds significant amounts of:

  • fiber
  • vitamins A, C, and K,
  • iron
  • calcium, and
  • folate

And, a daily dose of leafy greens reduces your risk of acquiring lifestyle diseases. 

2. Fruits

Instead of grabbing some sweets for dessert after a meal, or having it as a snack, shift to eating fresh fruits.

With this, you’ll have a naturally sweet treat that is loaded with fiber and antioxidants. 

In a study, higher fruit consumption is linked to lowering the risk of overweight or obesity.


Another study added that whole fresh fruits play a role in the prevention and management of excess adiposity.

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3. Sweet potatoes

These orange fleshy sweet potatoes are lower in calories and are packed with potassium and beta-carotene.

With its nutritional properties, eating sweet potatoes can effectively reduce weight, body fat, Body Mass Index (BMI), and Mid-Arm Circumference (MAC), and HbA1c levels for individuals requiring weight loss.

4. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is your protein-packed creamy fermented, healthy food containing probiotics, the good bacteria that are beneficial for your gut health. 

According to a systematic review, yogurt consumption reduces body weight and waist circumference and lowers body mass index (BMI).

With the addition of probiotics to fiber, the more benefits it can bring to your gut. Research also shows that Greek yogurt can reduce your appetite and increase your satiety. 

Choose your yogurt and watch out for added sugars in flavored yogurt as these only add more calories. Plain yogurt can be boring to some, so level it up with the addition of fresh fruits. 

Besides the traditional Greek yogurt, you can try Viking, Kefir, Australian, lactose-free, non-dairy, low-/non- fat, bio-yogurt, and frozen yogurt. 

5. Legumes

Legumes are rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. It is rich in fiber, and it has a low glycemic index (GI). 

A study suggests that weekly consumption of three to five cups or 1 cup (150g) of cooked legumes may improve weight loss while in an energy-restricted diet. 

Examples of foods belonging to the legume family are beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas, and soybeans.

6. Nuts

You can have a handful of nuts instead as snacks instead of some sugar and fatty treats. 

Nuts, particularly walnuts and other tree nuts, are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and dietary fiber.

Research reveals that the long-term consumption of nuts can help lower the chances of weight gain, overweight, or obesity. It also contains phytosterols that can help delay or prevent cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. 


7. Whole Eggs

Eggs are nutritious! They are high in protein, fats, vitamin D, choline, and more. 

With egg, you can include it in your high-protein breakfast. Research found that a high protein breakfast can promote weight loss by increasing satiety and regulating hunger and appetite hormones.  

One study revealed that eating eggs for breakfast can help you get through the next meal compared to those who had bagels. 

8. Oats

Oats from the whole grains are found to help you prevent your progression to obesity and reduce abdominal fat accumulation. 

The beta-glucans and soluble fibers in oats can also increase satiety and improve your metabolic health. 

Keep an eye on the kinds of oats your purchase. The highly processed instant oats usually have a high glycemic index.

These are food products that can spike up your blood sugar as they are easily digested and absorbed in the body. 

9. Quinoa

Quinoa, one of the world’s famous superfoods, contain high amounts of fiber and protein. If you are trying to stay away from red meat or looking for another protein option as a vegan/vegetarian, you can get it from quinoa. 

Yes, quinoa is a source of complete protein that you can also find in animal meats. Hence, it can potentially increase your metabolism and reduce your appetite.

Since it is also rich in fiber, quinoa can slow your own food digestion, increasing your feeling of fullness and decreasing your tendency to eat extra calories. 

10. Chia seeds

Chia seeds are edible seeds of Salvia hispanica that are low in carbohydrates, high in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants.

The tiny chia seeds are black in color, and it comes with a mild and nutty flavor.


Increase your fiber intake with chia seeds! According to studies, chia seeds can help reduce your appetite, make you feel fuller for a longer time. With this, it improves your habit by eating fewer calories instead. 

Enjoy chia seeds by adding them to your yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, or smoothies. You can cook it and add it to your baked goods such as bread and muffins.

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Try to include the above-mentioned natural foods as part of your overall healthy diet or weight-loss journey.

Nothing beats natural foods! Not just for weight loss, high intakes of these foods can also lower your risk of certain lifestyle diseases. 

Even if you adopt a strict weight-loss diet, you must always remember that there’s no single food or drink that can reduce belly fat all on its own.

Remember that significant body fat or bodyweight reduction is made if you adopt a wholesome and natural diet alongside moderate exercise

Seek the help of a nutrition and diet expert to help you plan your weight loss diet.