white noise benefits

9 White Noise Benefits for Better Sleep

The noise that tunes out the noise

White noise benefits are significant because of how it works.

White noise works by reducing the difference between background sounds and a “peak” sound like a slamming door.

This reduction then gives you a better chance to sleep through other irregular sounds undisturbed. 

How does white noise work?

If you can’t sleep at night or you have trouble staying asleep, creating a constant ambient sound (white noise) could help mask activity from inside and outside the house. 


White noise can also help when you sleep with a partner who can’t stop snoring.

And since 74 percent of Americans say a quiet bedroom is important to a good night’s sleep (are you one of them?), it’s important we know how white noise can help.

White noise can be created by a sound conditioner, a fan or an air purifier. Other types of white noise can be:

  • Nature sounds – rain, sea/waves, crickets chirping, jungle, etc
  • Machinery noises – air conditioning units, washing machine
  • Ambient soundscapes – aircraft interior, a crackling campfire, crowd noise

recent study published in the Journal of Caring Sciences concluded that the use of white noise is recommended as a method for masking environmental noises, improving sleep, and maintaining sleep. 

This is especially for people who find it difficult sleeping and need to sleep well. But why is that? “Isn’t the idea of sleeping with any kind of noise is counterintuitive?” you ask.

White noise benefits for sleep

Here’s the thing: The chances of we lying in bed with constant tossing and turning after a hard day are very high. 

We toss and turn because our minds are hyper, clogged with thoughts on how we could have made a better contribution at work. Or even sometimes, regret like failing to ask our female work colleague out.

It’s frustrating. And we can lose our sleep because of that. But white noise comes to save the day.

Listening to it helps calm the mind and increases our chances of enjoying good quality sleep. Let’s go through some of the important white noise benefits.

1. It improves sleep for babies

If you have kids of your own or have ever been around babies, you’ll know how it’s difficult to put the little humans to bed sometimes.

In a research study conducted, 80 percent of the babies slept within five minutes after the white noise machine was turned on. 

This white noise is a dependable solution for mothers whose babies cry often when they cannot sleep.

“Sixteen (80%) fell asleep within five minutes in response to white noise compared with only five (25%) who fell asleep spontaneously in the control group. White noise may help mothers settle difficult babies.”

British Medical Journal

2. It helps you to stay asleep


But it’s not all about babies. Even for adults, the rustling of tree branches that are close to our bedroom window can force us to stay awake. 

I know a friend who couldn’t turn on the fan to sleep because the sound compelled him to stay awake. Y

ou can reduce these interruptions with white noise so you can have a good night’s sleep.

White noise helps the brain to focus on that frequency even through our sleep and it avoids any focus on other noises. This white noise benefit allows us to sleep and ensures we stay asleep.

3. You can take white noise anywhere

Do you want to relax in the park? No problem.

Whether you want to tune out the barking dog, or the honking care nearby, or the screams of playing around, white noise can help you relax.

Here comes the good news: There are so many apps that provide white noise. For android users, here are some of the best white noise apps. For iPhone users here’s the best white noise app list for you.

So even when you find yourself sleeping in hotels or traveling on a noisy bus, you can easily connect to your white noise app. 

Just plug in your earphones or leave your little white noise machine close to your ear as you lie down to help you block out all the external noises.

4. It helps to reduce Tinnitus

Have you ever experienced that continuous ringing in your ear? That is tinnitus. And it can be very irritating. 

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders estimates that about 10 percent of American adults have experienced a variation or version of tinnitus in the recent twelve months.

Besides, 2 million Americans suffer a chronic, debilitating form of it.


That sound can leave you with sleepless and restless nights. White noise, as we discussed above helps to block external noises and other frequencies. 

Tinnitus can be put under such noises and white noise helps do away with that noise. It allows you to get back your sound sleep.

5. It helps to cure Insomnia

Some of us find it difficult to sleep and in some extreme cases, sleep doesn’t happen at all at night. One white noise benefit is that it does a good job to help insomniacs get the needed sleep they require.

6. It helps with dementia 

Sleep disorders are associated with dementia and dementia is likely to be experienced by aging adults. 

Thus, taking care of adults with dementia can be a tough challenge. White noise can be used to calm these aging adults and send them to sound sleep. 

study undertaken and published in the Journal of Nursing Research found that white noise is a simple, convenient, and noninvasive intervention that improves agitated behavior in older adults with dementia. 

These results may provide a reference for related healthcare providers, educators, and administrators who care for older adults with dementia.

There are a few other white noise benefits that extend beyond sleep which contribute greatly to the overall sanity of the mind, work productivity, and general health.


7. It improves concentration 

Poor sleep can exacerbate symptoms for people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other disorders that affect focusing abilities. 

White noise therapy may be used to increase cognitive function and sharpen concentration for these individuals. 

8. It helps to reduce anxiety

Anxiety is a catchall term for several common disorders that most people face every day to varying degrees. Fear, apprehension, worry and jittery nerves all can be categorized as anxiety. 

While mild or infrequent anxiety is common and most people have the coping skills to deal with anxious moments easily, more severe or frequent anxiety episodes can be debilitating. 

White noise can be introduced in such environments or circumstances to help reduce the phenomenon.

Also, white noise improves the general well-being of every individual because a healthy body needs to go through hours of good and quality sleep. White noise is the key to all your sleeping woes.