Bedtime Sleepwear: Exactly What To Wear To Bed So You Sleep Soundly

Bedtime Sleepwear: Exactly What To Wear To Bed So You Sleep Soundly

Too cold or too warm at night? Here's what to wear instead

If you want to sleep soundly, one of the most important factors will be your bedtime sleepwear.

Whether it’s pajamas, flannel, nightgowns, robes, or loungewear, what you wear to bed can have a profound impact on how well you sleep.

Does what you wear to bed affect sleep?

The reason what we wear is important is not because of texture, but because of our body’s temperature.


What we wear affects our body’s temperature because the sleep cycle and rhythm follow that of our body temperature.

When we have the right temperature, not only do we sleep well, we also sleep longer.

If temperatures are high, we are more awake. If temperatures are low, we are more sleepy. The temperature for our bedrooms needs to between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for us to rest well. 

What should you wear to bed?

In general, there are two types of people. Those who wear something to bed and those who do not wear anything at all (more on the latter in a moment).

If you wear pajamas or nightgown to bed, there are a couple of things you have to consider:

1. Choose the right materials

The biggest mistake you can make is to choose bedtime wear made out of synthetic materials. Synthetic material makes you warmer because they tend to hold more heat.


However, sleepwear made out of breathable materials can help you sleep better. Here are a few to consider:

  • WoolWool might seem like a good idea on the surface as it keeps you relatively warm. However, over 7 to 8 hours of sleep, it holds a lot of heat and causes your body temperature to rise. This can also cause itching or irritation on the skin.
  • CottonCotton is a favorite for many people. Because it’s light in weight, cotton does a great job of improving air circulation on the body.

    However, pajamas or sleepwear materials made of cotton might not be enough to keep you warm in the colder season because it’s light. And because it absorbs moisture, it can make you even colder when you sweat.
  • Silk: The main advantage of sleepwear made of silk is that it can help maintain your body temperature. In cold temperatures, it helps warm you up, and in warm temperatures, it helps cool you down. 
  • Flannel: Flannels are comfortable and breathe well on the body. It doesn’t cause irritations on the skin and also helps to keep your body at the right temperature – no overheating and no overcooling.

2. Choose the right size

If you’re sleeping in super large sleepwear or even covered by supersized bed covers, your body temperature will rise. Your goal is to feel comfortable and maintain cool body temperature.

3. Choose the right feel and fit

Is it too tight? Don’t wear it. There are lots of bedtime sleepwear that will still make you look and feel sexy without tightening your entire body. 

In one study, researchers investigated male partners of couples looking for infertility treatment at a fertility center over 17 years (2000–2017).

They found that men who often wore boxers had higher sperm concentration and total count, and lower FSH levels, compared to men who did not.

Is wool pajamas better than cotton?

In a recent study, researchers investigated how cotton and wool sleepwear affect the quality of sleep in at 62°F and 71°F (17°C and 22°C). The study enrolled 17 participants (10 males and 7 females). 

The researchers provided them with custom made sets of 100% cotton or 100% wool pajamas in long sleeve and long pants in four sizes (small, medium, large, and extra-large).


The body temperatures of participants we measured.

Researchers found that wearing wool-based pajamas significantly promoted sleep onset and increased total sleep time compared to cotton sleepwear.

However, sleeping in cotton promoted deep sleep at stage 3 NREM. There was no bedding effect on sleep

Is it healthy to sleep in pajamas or sleep naked at night?

There are so many benefits of sleeping naked. Some of the benefits include:

  • Helping you to sleep faster and deeper
  • Improving sperm health
  • Helps to prevent diseases including vaginal yeast infection

You can read more about The Absolute Best Reasons For Sleeping Naked (Backed By Science).



The key to a good night’s sleep is to maintain the right body temperature that will help you sleep soundly.

Depending on the weather or season of the year, what you wear to bed might vary. Choose a bedtime sleepwear that makes you feel good and helps you stay warm.