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6 Reasons Why Your Stomach Hurts After Sex

Nothing should get in between you and great sex. Period.

If your stomach hurts after sex, there are a few causes.

Stomach pain after sex is quite common. But the causes of your pain might range from common biological responses to severe medical conditions.

This is called dyspareunia in medical terms, and it is pretty common among women than men.

You shouldn’t be concerned about it most of the time. However, if you know the cause of dyspareunia, you can put your mind at ease and maybe even avoid it in the future.

In this post, we’ll discuss the most common causes of why your stomach hurts after sex.


Let’s dive in!

What causes your stomach to hurt after sex?

1. Deep penetration

If the stomach aches you experience after sex is only temporary and happen occasionally, it could be because of deep penetration.

The pain should disappear when you change your position or let your body rest.

The best way to treat it is to avoid deep thrusting and adjust your posture to have more control over how deep you go.

2. Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is the most common cause of post-sex stomach aches.

Furthermore, this underlying reason is the least invasive and easiest to treat.

After sexual activity, vaginal dryness has been linked to discomfort, including itching, burning sensation, and pain in the stomach.

Vaginal dryness is commonly associated with hormonal imbalances, including estrogen deficiency.

Estrogen is responsible for maintaining vaginal lubrication and subsequent lower stomach pain after sexual activity.

3. Endometriosis

Every one in ten women deals with endometriosis at some point in their lives.

Endometriosis is a condition in which the lining of the uterus grows in unusual places, both inside and outside of the pelvis.

Endometrial tissue growing too large can cause stomach, pelvic, and back pain, especially after sexual activity.

4. Orgasm

During orgasm, a woman’s pelvic muscles contract.

Orgasm contractions can create excruciating cramps in the stomach and pelvis, similar to how uterine muscle spasms generate menstrual cramps.

Pregnancy, underlying medical disorders, and certain contraceptive drugs can increase the likelihood that you will experience discomfort after orgasm.

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5. Ovarian cysts


Cysts on the ovaries are fluid-filled sacs that can form inside or on the outside of the ovaries.

Although they are often harmless, larger cysts might cause lower abdomen or stomach pain, which may worsen after sex.

According to the study, ovarian cysts can cause other symptoms, such as bloating, lower back pain, and stomach fullness after sex.

6. Uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids are a typical cause of cramping following sexual activity.

According to the National Institutes of Health, uterine fibroids are the most prevalent benign tumor among women of reproductive age.

Although the phrase “tumor” can be intimidating, uterine fibroids are typically nothing to worry about unless they cause stomach pain or cramping after sex.

When uterine fibroids are close to the cervix, they may be more likely to induce cramping following sexual activity.

How to avoid stomach pain after sex?

The first thing to treat stomach aches is to look for the underlying cause.

A simple case of abdomen discomfort after sexual activity is not alarming, but abdominal pain after sexual activity is indicative of a more severe problem.

If the discomfort continues or worsens, you should consult your gynecologist.

Here are some handy tips for treating stomach cramps after sex

1. Vaginal lubricants

Use additional lubricants if you experience vaginal dryness.

Use in a required quantity to make yourself comfortable. Pharmacies and supermarkets are convenient places to buy lubricants.

If lubricants aren’t doing the trick, see a doctor about getting something more tailored to your needs.


2. Use a heating pad

The stomach muscles can be relaxed using heating pads.

You can use heating pads to relax the muscles after having sexual activity, which can help alleviate any pain or cramping that may have occurred.

It may assist relieve the discomfort that is felt in the abdominal and pelvic regions.

3. Alternate intercourse positions

Pain associated with deep penetration typically subsides on its own following sexual activity.

However, if you discover that a particular sexual position affects you, you should try alternative sexual positions.

Select a place you may more easily regulate frequency and depth of penetration. Additionally, you ought to avoid applying pressure to the cervix.

4. Lifestyle modifications

Try calming yoga positions like Happy child or baby Pose to promote relaxation.

Diaphragmatic breathing and guided meditation can ease discomfort and relax the muscles in the abdomen.

Drinking lots of water, a balanced diet, and probiotic consumption are healthy lifestyle modifications that prevent stomach problems.

If the pain persists for more than five days, consult your doctor.


Your gynecologist will examine you physically and go over your symptoms. To identify the cause of your discomfort, your doctor could suggest more tests.

Then, your doctor will create a treatment strategy that will work for you, like a prescription or surgery. 

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Sex is something you should enjoy and not be too scared of. But you might be worried about why your stomach hurts after sex.

Once in a while, getting cramps after coitus is acceptable, but having painful sexual experiences all the time is not.

Keep a record of your symptoms if you regularly begin to have painful sex.

Record the intensity of your cramps and agony, including any medications you may take. See your doctor if needed.