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Reduce Foot Pain: 13 Ways to Eliminate Pain and Restore Healthy Feet

Your foot deserves more

The foot is the only part of the body that has direct contact with the ground. 

It’s hardly surprising that with its onerous task of bearing the entire weight of the body, our feet will hurt at some point. 

With age and through activities such as standing, walking, and jogging, we will experience foot pain.

And this pain could in your hindfoot, forefoot, toes, ball, arch, heel or even nails. 

In the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, approximately one quarter (between 17 and 42 percent) of the adult population experiences some form of foot pain at any given time. 


If you’re female, your foot pain risks are even higher. One research found that females were the ones who experienced foot pain the most.

And the type of footwear is a significant factor. Another research found a strong relationship between foot pain and obesity. Body Mass Index (BMI) plays a role to reduce foot pain.

There are several ways to reduce foot pain. 

You could either go to the hospital to get pain relievers or go for therapy sessions or even resort to homemade methods. 

Here are a few ways to take charge of that aching foot of yours.

1. Exercise your feet

Foot exercises are great ways to reduce foot pain. They are not exactly difficult to perform. One typical example of such exercises is the golf ball roll.

For this very simple exercise, all you need is to sit on a chair. 

Once you sit, place a golf ball or any other hardball under your foot and roll it back and forth. This massages the sole and arch of your foot.

The relief from this massage is soothing and relaxing.

You can also try these easy stretches for foot pain relief if the sprain is around the foot.

2. Get a warm bath 

After a long day of protracted walking or standing (hope it’s not in your heels), you need to treat that foot. And what other than a foot bath can do the trick? 

Soaking your feet into a warm bath with Epsom salts. This helps to reduce foot pain accompanied by swellings in the feet.

3. Stretch foot muscles

After the warm soak, it is a good idea to stretch your foot muscles since muscles are now relaxed. 

  • You could do this by sitting down and flexing your toes, pointing them out.
  • Curl them inwards and keep that position for a few seconds. You can repeat this ten times. 
  • Again, in a standing position, you can lean forward slightly by standing on your toes and switching back to standing on your heels.

4. Get a foot massage

Your back needs a massage. Your neck needs a massage. And guess what? Your foot also needs a massage. You can do a foot massage yourself at home. You don’t need a spa service for that.

Foot massages improve the circulation of blood, reduce pain, and release tight muscles. 

  • Sit down and put your left foot on your right thigh.
  • For a simpler foot massage, pour some lotion or oil in your hands and gently massage on your foot. 
  • Start from your toes through to your ball then your arch, your sole and then lastly to your heels.

5. Find new shoes


Your shoes could be the cause of all your foot pains and you didn’t even know it. 

You are probably still wearing your shoes beyond its lifespan or you’re wearing a shoe smaller than your feet. 

Here’s an easy remedy: change your shoes regularly. This is because the feet grow with time. Don’t keep your feet squeezed in small shoes.

Free them up. Also, wear the right shoes for whatever activity you are engaging in. for example, don’t wear working shoes for exercises; wear trainers.

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6. See a doctor

Sometimes, foot pain can be unbearable to the extent that none of the methods above can alleviate the pain. 

In these cases, it is advisable to see the doctor for some drugs to be prescribed. 

Your doctor can prescribe drugs according to the pain, whether it’s a swelling or inflammation. Be sure to see the doctor first instead of administering these drugs on your own.

7. Walk barefoot

Walking barefoot on a smooth surface is perfect for your foot line and arch. Make your home a no-shoe or flip flop zone. Walk barefoot to improve the general health of your foot.

The muscles in the feet were made not to be kept in shoes. A lot of tension is created in the muscles when we wear shoes. 

One very natural way to loosen those muscles, improve blood circulation and help maintain the muscles in the foot is by walking barefooted. 

The foot bare on the floor helps to naturally massage the sole of the feet, the balls, and the heels. 

8. Cut your toenails

Here’s a surprising thing: long toenails also cause foot pains in the long run. When we leave our toenails to grow, some can get very stubborn and decide to grow inwards. 

When they thicken it becomes almost impossible to trim.


Dirt and other bacteria coagulate in there and some find themselves in the foot. This can cause infections and cause our feet to ache. 

Try as much as possible to keep your toenails short. And if they thicken, you can trim them right after your foot bath. The heat makes the nails softer and easier to manage. 

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9. Prop foot on a stack of pillows

After walking all day, your feet get tired too. Sometimes you don’t need to do anything to them at all. 

When you’re about to sleep, prop them up on a stack of pillows or a suitcase. The whole point is, they should be over your head at least 30 degrees. This helps to facilitate faster healing of the muscles.

10. Ice your foot

Just as when there is a bruise on your body you ice them, treat your tired, aching and swollen feet the same way. 

Ice your feet to reduce the pain and the swelling to reduce the pain. It is not advisable to leave the ice on the foot for a long time.

11. Dip in warm and cold water

Another way to keep your feet free from the pains is to alternate them between cold and hot (warm) water. 

Sit with your feet in one bucket of hot water for about five minutes. Then switch to the cold water, and leave your feet in them for the same amount of time. 

This method helps to alleviate the pain and help the blood vessels to dilate and contract. 


The continuous process of dilation and contraction of muscles in the feet will reduce the pain in ways you cannot imagine.

12. Stretch your foot

Stretching out your feet might just be your miracle to reduce foot pain. These stretches are rather simple. 

You are not necessarily exercising them. A few feet stretches in the office when you are working won’t get you all sweaty.

13. Change the heels

Ladies, if you experience foot pains, it is advisable to change your heel heights if you are habitually in heels. 

Switch from high heels to low heels and you could be free from those aching feet.


The remedies to reducing our foot pains can be simple. Try these simple solutions to enjoy some peace of mind on your feet.