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Experiencing Pain During Sex? Here Are 7 Things That May Be Wrong

Pleasure without pain is possible

Regular intimacy and sex have many health and psychological benefits.

But, many people experience pain during or even after sex. It may be in the private parts or sometimes in the abdomen. 

The pain during intercourse, often termed as dyspareunia, can often cause a rift between a couple’s relationship. 

Not only does it cause physical pain, but also it leads to mental and emotional instability, mood swings, and anxiety issues. 

One might not even be able to talk about this issue with anyone considering it to be a taboo. But, it should be addressed. And immediately to avoid long term effects that can lead to many significant issues in the future.


What are the causes of pain during sex?

Pain during or after sex can be caused by an illness, an infection, any physical issues. It can also be due to psychological thought processes. 

If you experience pain, don’t ignore it.

It’s a way your body might be trying to say something. As men and women’s bodies are different, they also experience pain differently. 

The reasons for the pain also might vary for different body types. In this article, we have a list of the most common causes of the sexual pain that one goes through. 

Here’s the thing: you might be embarrassed to talk about sex pain with your physician. But remember your doctors are used to this. 

The seven most common causes of pain during sex are as follows:

1. No lubrication

If during sex, the vaginal area is dry instead of being wet or the penis is not enough lubricated, there is pain. 

The best way to avoid this can be to do a maximum of foreplay before penetration. Taking it slowly doesn’t hurt. You can also use a water lube to lubricate. 

Don’t be shy if you need to. Also, drink a lot of water. If you’re dehydrated, your skin – including your vaginal skin – can get flaky and dry.

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2. Injury or trauma

Another reason for experiencing pain during sex is injury. If your private part has been recently injured, you’ll feel stinging pain during sex.

A pelvic surgery, an accident, a cut, or an incision or severe burns or rashes in your private areas should first be healed. 

Once you’re healed, you can involve yourself in the act of pleasure. If you don’t let your injuries heal, then it can take a turn for the worse.

3. Inflammatory skin

If your skin is itchy, irritating or scratchy and burns with every touch, sex might hurt. Make sure to see your doctor before if that’s the case. 

Eczema and other such problems can also cause painful sex.

4. Post-natal recovery


Post-natal sex is delicate. Sometimes pain during sex after birth could be because you have congenital anomalies. 

For example, a hymen that is not fully formed after giving birth. That’s ok and natural. But you should know that penetration can lead to painful sex in that circumstance. 

5. Surgery

One of the causes of pain during sex is surgery. If you have had a surgery or a medical treatment recently in your private area, then stay away from sexual intercourse. At least for a while till it is fully healed. 

Medical treatments like chemotherapy for treating cancer can also lead to painful sexual intercourse. 

So first stay healthy and recover. And also take the advice of the doctors.

6. Psychological association

Because of past abuses or horrible experiences, you may likely associate the pleasurable act of sex with pain. 

This is a big one and often takes therapy to overcome. 

Other times these negative associations are because of a regular case of anxiety, depression, or panic attacks.

It could even be that you are concerned about your physical appearance and have a severe issue with body image.

Any of those cases can psychologically induce pain during sex. 

Also, if you have been a victim of sexual assault and abuse during some point in your life, then sex may bring painful emotions. 

Don’t blame yourself in any of these cases. Give yourself time to talk to someone, even a sex therapist who can help you rebuild positive associations with sex.

7. Stress

If you’re stressed, sex becomes a chore sometimes. For women, stress causes the pelvic muscles to tighten and makes penetration difficult. 

If a man is stressed, the muscles in the penis also tighten, and during penetration, it can hurt you both. 


Point is: find time to destress in your life if you want to be able to enjoy your sex life. Deep breathing and meditation are always a great starting point for destressing.

What should you do if your man experiences pain during sex?

During sex, if you are experiencing a burning sensation or pain on your penis, then it is an issue to be concerned about. 

Men are mostly uncomfortable talking about painful sensations. 

Still, they should discuss it with anyone who can help. If you believe that it would go away on its own, then you are wrong. 

Mostly, the pain is persistent, and if not addressed at the right moment, then it can turn into something worse.

In men, the pain might be inflicted due to infections that can further cause soreness and penis itching. It can also be due to STI’s like herpes that cause rashes and redness. 

Also, tight penis foreskin can cause pain during sex. During hard penetration, a penis with a tight foreskin can lead to extreme pain. 

Maintain proper hygiene for your private parts if you want pain

What should you do if your woman experiences pain during sex?

Women have different bodies and may feel pain differently. Sometimes, women face spasm in their vaginal muscles. 

This may be due to terror or fear of being hurt, and that’s why they experience painful sexual intercourse. 


If you have vaginal or yeast infections, then also it can be a painful time for you to go through sexual activity. 

When deep penetration happens and if women’s uterus does not have a proper opening, then it can be quite a painful activity.

Some women in their 30’s face the problem of fibroids that can cause immense pain during sexual intercourse. Similarly, ovarian cysts or PCOD and PCOS can also lead to pain in sex. 

After a tough pregnancy and childbirth, if a woman goes through sexual activity, then they would experience a lot of pain in their vaginal area. 


If you are facing all of these problems, take a few tips from our discussion. The causes of pain during sex vary a lot.

The best course of action is to visit your doctor or physician. And let them know about everything without hiding any important details from them. 

Remember, they are here to help you, so don’t be embarrassed and be open in front of them.