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11 Yoga Positions for Lower Back Pain Relief

If you have hectic daily routines or sit a lot during the day for your work, you’ve likely experienced lower back pain at some point.

Even when you travel on long journeys, and you sit in the car for a lot of time, you might have had some lower back pain.

One of the effective ways to get lower back pain relief is through yoga. Yoga is a therapy that involves both the body and the mind of a person. It is helpful in the treatment of pains and stress. 

How important is yoga for lower back pain relief?

Pain Relief

Yoga has helped many people in relieving lower back pain along with alleviating pain, stress, anxiety, and depression in patients, an RCT found out.


Practicing some positions of yoga (e.g. hot yoga) can strengthen the muscles in the abdominal and lower back.

Muscles located at these two parts of the body are responsible for managing the body’s movement. When these muscles are strained, along with lower back pain, the whole muscle network cannot be maintained in good health. 


Yoga involves practices such as stretching. If you are stretching, your hamstring muscles are active. This activity brings relaxation to lower back pain. 


Yoga keeps the whole body in alignment. When you perform certain positions in Yoga regularly, you tend to make a balance. 

When you fix bad posture and improve the alignment of certain parts of the body, you improve your chance of getting back pain relief.


Sometimes, a person’s mental condition is responsible for making him believe that he is suffering from lower back pain. Yes, the pain exists.

But your negative thoughts make it severe. When you perform Yoga, it helps you in concentrating your energies on posture management and deep breathing

You will be more aware of the requirements of your body when you make yoga positions regularly. 

Soon, you will understand what the needs of the body are, how you should sit during the day to avoid the back pain, and what position can be the best while you perform Yoga.

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Yoga positions for lower back pain relief


Yoga practice, even if done for a few minutes, can bring alignment in your body. 

Great, now you know how important yoga is for lower back pain relief.

Let’s go ahead and delve into some of the yoga positions that can relieve your lower back pain.

1. Child’s Pose

To do this position of yoga, you sit down on heels and then bend forward your hands.

Then you move towards your hands and return to bring your body on your knees.

The spine is stretched in this practice. Your hips, thighs, and ankles are also moving. These two together will relieve the lower back pain. 

2. Two-Knee Spinal Twist

In this position, you lay down on your back. Draw your knees towards the chest and your toes facing upwards.

Keep your neck straight and bring your legs right and left side in such a way that your lower back moves and the upper body remains immovable. 

This twist position stretches your spine and back. Movement on the neck is also experienced. Doing this pose for 30 seconds relieves your lower back pain. 

3. Half Lord of the Fishes

Make a seated position and bring your right foot close to the body. Then draw the left foot outward.


Take support by placing a left hand behind you. Turn your eyes to look at either of the shoulders. Your hips, shoulders, and neck are stretched. Thus, relieving you from back pain. 

4. Bridge Pose

Lay down on the back and bend your knees. Keep your arms floor. Now lift your thighs until they become parallel to the floor.

Release slowly towards the floor. The lower part of the spine is in movement and stretching, which will make you feel relaxed. 

5. Locust Pose

Lie on your stomach and raise your head upward along with arms and legs. Keep doing this for a minute.

Your middle body rests, and the movement of legs, arms, and head automatically stretches the muscles of the lower back.

6. Cobra Pose

Lie on your stomach. Bend your arms just like you do in push-ups. Stretch your toes backward. Raise your head and upper body and bring it down.

Your hamstrings, triceps, and chest, shoulders are in motion. This pose strengthens your spine. 

7. Sphinx Pose

This position, too, involves the stomach position. You lift your head through the spine and keep your face straight forward.


Your lower back, thighs, and buttocks muscles are engaged here. A regular activity for five minutes can make you free from lower back pain.

8. Cat-Cow

Going on all fours and then drop your stomach down and bring it upwards is the essence of this position. Your spine is mobilizing directly in this practice. 

9. Reclined Pigeon Pose

Lie on your back, bend the knee and lift your same leg. Then bring left foot crossing your quad. When you feel stretch, stay there for 2 minutes. Change sides and continue. 

10. Knees to Chest

Draw both knees towards your chest and keep them there by holding with both hands. Muscles of the lower back are stretched and relaxed in this position. 

11. Cow Pose

Make a tabletop position on hands and knees. Lift your head and upper body slightly up. Do not sink your back. Inhale and exhale there for a while.