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5 Natural Ways to Ease Lower Back Pain

The lower back is that part of your back the lies directly on top of the sacrum. The sacrum is the small bone on top of the buttocks. 

Our lower backs provide structural support to the body. It helps us with movement and protects certain vital body tissues. 

Think of what happens when we stand. It’s the lower back that carries the weight of the entire upper body.

The same happens when we bend or rotate our bodies at the waist. Our lower back makes this happens. 

With all this support and constant activity, the lower back of the body is prone to injuries. And with age, we often need to ease lower back pain.


The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) reported lower back pain as the most common cause of disabilities related to certain jobs. 

Turns out 80 percent of Americans will suffer from lower back pain in their lifetime. And, 50 percent of adults are affected once in their lifetime. 

But here’s the thing:

Lower back pain is not a disease instead. It is a constellation of symptoms.

It is, in fact, one of the reasons why there is increased absenteeism and frequent visits to the doctor’s office. 

The lifetime prevalence rate of lower back pain in the United States is about 80 percent.

Two common lower back pain causes are obesity and injuries. Injuries to the muscles, ligaments, or tissues as a result of excessive physical activities. 

Other causes include diseases that affect certain organs in that area such as appendicitis, kidney diseases, bladder infections and many more. 

You could be experiencing acute lower back pain which lasts anywhere between a few days and a few weeks or chronic pains which last longer than three months.

Natural remedies to ease lower back pain

Lower back pain can be treated at home or by going to see the doctor. 

Treatment at home must be within 48 to 72 hours after experiencing the pain.

If it persists, it is strongly advisable to see your doctor for further directions. 


There are also other simple lifestyle changes to improve lower back pain. Besides these lifestyle changes, you can take the natural route too! 

Read on to know exactly how to ease lower back pain.

1. Cold and heat therapy

As soon as you feel some pains at your lower back, consider using cold compresses or an ice pack on the affected area.

This can help to reduce or prevent swelling and pains. After a few hours, proceed to place a heated towel or a bottle of warm water on it. 

The warmth causes the muscles to relax and ease lower back pain. It also increases blood flow which helps the overall relief process.

It is important to note that this treatment is effective only up to the first week after experiencing the pain. 

Also, be careful not to apply extreme heat and ice directly over the skin.

2. Physical activities

Low impact exercises such as swimming or walking or even standing help reduce the stress or pain in the lumbar region. 

They also provide strength and helps in the healing process of back pain. 

It reduces the stiffness in that area which leads to increased blood flow and strength. All these could be as a result of sedentary lifestyles.

3. Stop smoking

Don’t be surprised. Smoking contributes a lot to lower back pains. Let me explain.

Nicotine in cigarettes constricts the arteries. They make it difficult for blood to flow to affected areas thereby causing a delay in the healing process. 


That is why the chronic or acute back pain you are experiencing takes forever to get rid of.

4. Manage your bed rest time

In addition to getting a better night’s sleep, there’s something else you can do: keep moving. 

Do simple household chores: water the flowers, mow your lawns just keep moving. 

In case your pains make it very difficult to stand or sit, bed rest is a good idea but do that a few hours at a time. 

Don’t stay in bed for more than a day and don’t stay in one position for long.

5. Get regular massages

Massages have proven to increase blood circulation and relax muscles. It also boosts endorphins which are pain relievers produced by the body. 

Having time dedicated to massage the back is a good way to ease lower back pain. 

Lie down and set your mind at ease while you enjoy some good massages.

6. Hot baths

We have all underestimated the power of hot baths for far too long. The heat from this relaxes the muscles and sets it free form ant form of pain. 


The lower back pain is not exempted from this treatment. For this to be effective, the hot bath has to take long. 

Stay under the hot shower long enough to release the entire body from any form of stress. It improves blood circulation throughout the body.

7. Other therapies

There are various types of therapies for less back pain

They include acupuncture, yoga positions, stretching postures, tai chi, and other complicated massages. Also, spinal manipulations do well to ease lower back pains.

As observed, these treatments do not need any form of chemicals or artificial substances to ease lower back pain. 

All you need is some time for yourself to take care of your body the right way. And that is only through the natural way.