Home Remedies For Common Cold: 7 Natural Ways To Fight Common Cold

Home Remedies For Cold: 7 Natural Ways To Fight Common Cold

Common cold cannot survive these home remedies

Whether it’s flu season or not, some of us have an immune system that catches a cold at all times. 

As soon as we sneeze or even cough once, we know that our body might be fighting off common cold symptoms. 

Overexposure during winter or dusty and polluted areas may cause the common cold. 

It gets worse for those of use with weaker immune systems. In that case, chances of getting the flu more than once in a short period skyrockets.

But here’s the problem:


Some of the inflammatory and decongesting medicines for the common cold may have long term negative effects.

So in this article, we’ll discuss some of the home remedies for the common cold. 

If you want to avoid the long term side effects of drugs and antibiotics, home remedies can help treat your common cold naturally.

And how you can slowly boost your immune system in the future.


Studies have proven time and again how ginger is helpful for a healthy body. 

Ginger contains powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants help to improve the body’s defense systems.

In general, when the body produces more free radicals, it can result in an imbalance called oxidative stress. 

This imbalance can impair DNA, among other things. 

In that circumstance, antioxidants from dietary condiments like ginger become extremely important. 

These antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals and provides anti-oxidative stress effects.

Simple ginger ale or ginger tea can help you in your sickness. Herbal tea is an effective option for fighting a cold.

Ginger also helps people with nausea during their ailing times. As with a common cold, comes a flood of other symptoms like headache, sore throat or cough. 

To help soothe your throat and headaches, ginger can come quite in handy. 

When these accompanying symptoms are ward off, then you can certainly take a deep breath and beat the flu.


Nature’s natural sweetener is a healthy choice to make during your cold season. 


Honey has the same antibacterial properties as some antibiotics used for common cold treatment. 

Taking honey ginger lemon tea can improve your cold symptoms. 

Research shows how effective honey is for cold relief. Honey helps reduce the severity of their cold symptoms significantly for flu patients.

Homemade Soup

Soups have healing properties primarily in the cases of the common cold. 

This is why our grannies insist on feeding us chicken soup. Or vegetable broth during our times of sickness. 

The soup won’t cure us all, but they do assist in healing us as they slow down the movement of white blood cells in our body. 

When white blood cells have restricted mobility, they can instead concentrate on treating the parts of the body. 

Soups are a good way to ease this process. 


Americans have used this herb for hundreds of years for treating many illnesses. 

Echinacea tea or direct herb recipes would be great to treat your common cold and flu symptoms. 

Echinacea has therapeutic effects. This includes boosting your immune system and reducing body inflammation. 

This is because of the chemicals and flavonoids present. It can throat and nose instant relief simmering down the cold symptoms. 


Oranges and citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, minerals, and other healing properties.

Having a glass of warm orange juice or eating fruit can help with common cold symptoms.


The orange zest in your tea can also treat your common cold symptoms. It would boost your immunity and help you recover in real-time. 

Salt Water

A common way to curb the common cold symptoms is to gargle with saltwater. 

One study looked into the effect of gargling on respiratory tract infections. The researchers enrolled and observed 387 participants for 60 days during the flu season. 

They published their findings in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Turns out those who gargled frequently were able to lower upper respiratory infections by close to 40 percent. 

Warm salt water suppresses inflammation in your throat. And it helps reduce the throat pain during your common cold days. 

This remedy can also stop the infection from further harming your respiratory system. 

Saltwater helps clear passage for your mucus. This, in turn, helps your body fight foreign germs and organisms.


Hot water steam can be perfect for opening up blocked nasal passages. 

You can even put a few slices of ginger or even vapor rub for fast relief and rapid recovery from your flu. 


Even doctors prescribe this method to help the patient recover quickly from the common cold. 

A hot steamed bath or steam with salty water can help your body to strengthen and improve way earlier. 

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A common cold is very common. While it may not be a life-threatening illness, it can affect your quality of life. 

These home remedies are a great way to ward off all the uncomfortable pain that comes with a common cold.

We do need to get it checked with the doctor if the symptoms are stubborn and not going away though. 

Along with these remedies, the affected person needs to rest a lot. Rest helps to recover faster.