calf pain relief stretches

9 Simple Stretches for Calf Pain Relief

These are not your average stretches

Calf pain can be a little irritating or can be severe enough to stop you from walking. Either way, stretches are a good way to get relief from calf pain. There could be several conditions that can lead to calf pain.

What is calf pain?

The calf is the lower back part of your leg just under your knee. If you overuse the calf muscles, then you get cramps, which cause pain.

It usually happens when calf muscles are under strain.

What are some common causes of calf pain?

Although several conditions can cause calf pain, some common causes include:


Muscle cramps

Muscle cramps are the most common cause of calf pain. If you overuse your muscles, then a lot of sweating can happen, which can cause a loss of electrolytes.

Generally, this is why cramps happen. Cramps are temporary, but they cause huge discomfort. Staying hydrated and avoiding excessive physical activity can help you avoid cramps.

Muscle strain

If you overuse or improperly use your calf muscles, then muscle strain happens. Muscle strain causes sharp and sudden pain.

Mild inflammation or pain can go away with the ice massage.

Achilles tendonitis

Achilles tendons often come under stress and strain if you overuse your leg muscles. Mild to severe inflammation or swelling happens, and continuous pain causes discomfort.

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy

This condition is common in diabetic patients. It is a form of nerve damage that impose bad effects on legs and arms.

In this condition, a patient can experience sharp pain in the calf, muscle cramps, and numbness can easily happen.

Arterial claudication

In this condition, the arteries, for supplying blood to legs become narrow or either get blocked. This results in severe calf pain when the person tries to walk.

Does stretching improve calf pain?


Most often, calf pain is the result of tight calf muscles. Regular stretching is your best bet against calf pain. It can help you keep your calf muscles loose and flexible.

Stretching increases the blood circulation in the targeted area, which can quickly relieve the calf pain.

What are some exercises for calf pain relief?

Below are the simple exercises to improve calf pain:

1. Double Leg Heel Raise

This stretch exercise focuses on concentric calf muscles and improves the strength in the muscles. This can help in doing excessive physical activities.

Stand at the edge of a stair with heels hanging off the step. Stretch your muscles by raising the heels upward and then back to the normal place. You can do 10 reps in 5-6 rounds.

2. Single Leg Heel Raise

The process is the same as the double leg; the only difference is your one leg will stay in the air. First, do this with one leg and then with the other one.

3. Calf Stretch With A Resistance Band

This exercise improves the range of motion and adds flexibility to the calf muscles. This is why it’s important to warm up before exercises.

For this exercise, sit on the floor and loop a resistance band around one foot, now stretch your toe until you feel the stretch in your calf muscles. Repeat this until failure.

4. Bent Over Calf Stretch

This exercise hits the whole leg muscles, including hamstring and calf muscles, and it can help in calf pain relief. It adds strength and mobility to the muscles.


Bend your one and keep the other leg braced, then bent down and pull the toe of the braced leg. Keep the heel on the ground. Now repeat this with the other leg.

5. Seated Calf Stretch

This exercise adds flexibility to your Achilles’ tendons and helps in calf pain relief by increasing blood circulation.

Sit on the floor with straight legs. Lunge forward and stretch both toes with your hands towards yourself.

6. Farmer’s Walk On Toes

This is a beneficial exercise for calf pain relief because it affects the calf muscles and adds flexibility and strength.

Grab dumbbells in your both hands and stand on your toes. Now walk on your toes for about 30 feet. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times.

7. Jump Rope

Jumping rope regularly can help to get relief from calf pain. This can help to strengthen your calf muscles and whole body as well. It is also a good HIIT exercise.


Take a rope and each end in one hand. Now start jumping and circle the rope around your body. Use your legs to jump not your knees.

8. Sitting Calf Raise

This exercise adds width to your calf muscles. Sit on a chair and place dumbbells on your knees, now raise your heels with toes grounded on the floor.

9. Standing Calf Raise

Standing calf raise improves blood circulation and improves balance and coordination.

This process is the same as sitting calf raise, here you just need to perform this while standing.