juice cleanses: benefits and side effects

Juice Cleanses: The Ultimate Guide to Benefits and Side Effects

Do juice cleanses work? The answer will surprise you

Overall, body wellness is paramount to every human—both male and female alike.

The consumption of vegetables and fruits contributes to human wellness. 

The idea of extracting juice from vegetables and fruits has been in existence for ages.

Norman Walker, in the 1930s, invented the first modern juice-making machine in history. 

Due to this success, many people have taken to making juice out of fruits and veggies.

Even medical professionals recommend vegetable and fruit juice as a remedy for certain ailments.

In this post, you’ll learn about juice cleanses, how it works, the benefits and the possible downsides.

Let’s dive in!

What is a Juice Cleanse? 

A juice cleanse is a classy and more fashionable dietary choice that has to do with consuming vegetables and fruits.


It involves the ingestion of veggies and fruits for a short term.

You can otherwise refer to a juice cleanse as a juice fast.

This name originates from the belief that the diet option offers certain health benefits. 

It helps in flushing toxins and wastes in the body. Also, medical professionals believe it provides the body with healing nutrients. 

Vegetables and fruits contain numerous vitamins and minerals. This makes the vegetables and fruits into juice makes it rather easily digestible. 

Many people use juice cleanse to lose body fat or expel toxins. However, it is imperative to weigh its pros and cons before subscribing to be on a safer side. 

Juice Cleanse: Does It Really Work? 

Juice cleanse is believed to have the capability of cleansing the body on its own. However, there are only little pieces of evidence to support this belief. 

Juice fast requires a person to take in enough water, fruit, and vegetable juice for several days.

These fruits are organic, unlike the ones sold in the store. It has no preservatives or added chemical substances. 

People who partake in a juice fast often observe a change in their eating habits.

They tend to have healthier dietary choices and also lose weight.

Most people practicing juice fast will often notice weight loss.

This is owed to the fewer calories consumed. Only that once a person cleanses and goes back to taking normal meals, such a person will add weight.

Remains of the juice not absorbed are channeled to the large intestine.

There, some bacteria work on it, turning it into a laxative.

This is the reason why many people feel much lighter than usual.

For someone consuming too much alcohol, a juice cleanse is a perfect option. It helps the body detoxify.

Eating whole grains, nuts, and most importantly, vegetables and fruits give organic benefits. These foods have healing properties. The fiber helps to eliminate toxins in the body. 

Furthermore, the phytochemical substances present to aid the detoxification of carcinogens. 

Fruits and veggies contain an incredible amount of vitamin B. Consuming enough of them will support the body’s natural detoxification. 

Eating them or juicing them will cause the body no harm. Instead, it fosters immunity, good growth, weight loss, and even detoxification. 

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What are the Benefits of a Juice Cleanse?

A juice cleanse is usually a good way to boost one’s health.

Most people subscribe to it mainly because it is believed to be much safer and effective. 

You can make it even more interesting by rotating these fruits. That is, you can choose to use different fruits on different occasions.

Also, you can decide to take the vegetable in its solid form rather than juicing it. 

Juicing your fruits and vegetables allow you to have your juice right next to you as you carry on with your day.

Juice cleanse has great health advantages to those who battle with cancer and loss of appetite during convalescence. 


There are several other benefits derived from a juice fast. They include: 

1. Can help with weight loss (in the short term)

Juice fast encourages weight loss. It fosters the reduction of bloating. One will lose enough water in the body. 

2. Creates sense of progress

If one should indulge in a juice fast for 4-6 days, one will have higher chances of feeling great at the end of it all.

There will be an immense sense of accomplishment. Regular meals will even appear fresh and new. 

3. Helps avoid processed foods

For someone who has a difficult habit of choosing unhealthy food, taking a break with fruit blends is a great option.

Consuming only fruits and vegetables daily helps to avoid all the canned foods with gross fat and sugar. 

If your diet plan doesn’t include fruits and vegetables, one glass of juice per meal should do the trick.

This will provide the body with an immeasurable health boost. 

Being a fan of veggies and fruits can help reactivate or renew one’s taste buds. Taking juice blends gives the tongue a sharp sense.

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4. Improves immunity

Consuming fruits and vegetables help to enhance overall body health. This is because fruits and vegetables have highly concentrated minerals and vitamins.

Juice blends enhance the immune system in the body.

They have plenty of anti-inflammatory elements. These, thereby, help you feel alive and comfortable.

5. Helps with digestion

Juice cleansing contributes positively to the digestion system. It introduces helpful enzymes in the mouth.

These enzymes help with the proper functioning of the gut. 

What are the Downsides of a Juice Cleanse?

One should be wary of pre-packaged cleansing juice.

Pre-packaged juices that claim to reverse diseases or offer instant health advantages are often dangerous to the health.

Some of the disadvantages of uncontrolled juicing may include the following: 

1. May strain the kidney

Kidney disorders may set in as a result of too much juice quantity.

Taking too much juice that contains oxalate can be dangerous. Oxalate is an acid that adds to kidney stones and other kidney-associated problems. 

2. Not good for long term weight loss

Juice fast is most definitely not a long-term remedy for weight reduction.

Fruit and vegetable juice is merely low in calories. Weight reduction is only guaranteed when one sticks to juice cleansing.

Once the juice fast stops, weight gain sets in. 

3. Not suitable for everyone

If an individual consumes an unpasteurized or untreated vegetable, such person is most likely to be ill.


Older adults, very young people, and even people with weak immune systems are most likely to get ill due to this.

When a particular juice blend contains bowel stimulants, essential body nutrients may be lost via stools.

As a result of this, this can bring about non-balanced electrolytes and even dehydration. 

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4. Can lead to lack of energy

Low caloric intake can result in the exhibition of low blood sugar and lack of energy.

Symptoms such as weakness, dehydration, headache, hunger, and even fainting begin to manifest.

Juice fast is presumably unsafe for every individual.

Especially those with kidney complications, diabetics, nutritional deficiency, and even those patients in chemotherapy 

Although, many individuals believe that juice quickly rid the body of toxins.

Medical professionals oppose this idea with the claim that human beings have a natural detoxifying system

This includes the kidney, liver, and intestines.

The toxins ingested into the body or encountered in the environment are passed out as wastes such as urine, sweat, feces, and even breathing. 

Beginner Tips for Juice Cleanse

Practicing juice cleanses for the very first time can be a bit frustrating and discouraging.

However, the best part of it all is that the advantages are much higher than the disadvantages. 

Here are some of the useful tips for starters: 

Choose the Appropriate Cleanse

As a beginner, starting with a 5-10 days cleansing can be rather challenging. Being a first-timer, try to go for a 3-day cleanse at most. 

As you practice more, you will develop the ability to take on longer days. Ensure that you take all of your dietary and health conditions into careful consideration. 

Prepare Ahead

Before you start your cleanse, always take to lighter meals a few days before. This is to help make the cleansing period more convenient. 

Have a Defined Goal Beforehand

Consider your health goals before you start your juice fast. Think of the things you seek to achieve from the juice cleanse you are about to be on. 


Having a defined goal will further give you the motivation you may need.

Cut Back Social Events 

Before engaging in a juice fast, make sure you do not have a lot of social events to attend.

This is to avoid getting yourself overwhelmed and not having enough energy to match your tasks. 

Do Not Give in to the Temptation of Cravings

Most times, when on a juice fast, cravings will always get in the way.

This is as a result of the food you take into your normal daily routine. Endeavor to resist the urge at all times. 

Stay Hydrated

Make sure you stay hydrated as you go on with your day.

This is because as you make your juice, you are likely to pee repeatedly. So, remember to drink water so that you can replenish the lost fluid.

Stay Motivated

On your first practice, you are likely to feel discouraged and displeased at the end of the day.

The first day is often more difficult than all other days. 

Do not relent; continue and, if possible, write down each day’s experience.


Juice cleansing is a contentious issue in the health realm. It often doesn’t provide a lasting solution to weight loss.

Likewise, it doesn’t guarantee all-around wellness. Medical professionals suggest taking a balanced diet at all times. 

Before subscribing to a juice cleanse, make sure you consult your doctor or physician. This is purposely to avoid indulging in practices that may not foster your overall health.