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Ginseng Tea Helps Your Body in These 7 Ways

Ginseng today, thank us tomorrow.

In this post, you’ll learn about the health benefits of drinking ginseng tea.

Ginseng is a short plant with fleshy roots and a slow growth rate. It is very popular due to its medicinal benefits.

There are three types of ginseng called after the place they originate.  They are American, Asian, and Siberian ginseng.

Although many people know about ginseng tea, only a few can accurately point to its health benefits.


Let’s dive in.

What is ginseng tea?

Ginseng tea is an infusion made from the ginseng plant. Unlike your traditional tea, ginseng tea is made from the roots of the ginseng plant and not the leaves.

Preparing ginseng tea is majorly from grounded ginseng root, although some people soak it in a solvent to make a tincture.

Depending on the required health benefit, there are many ways to prepare ginseng. Traditional preparation involves the use of Korean ginseng, tubules, and chestnuts.

The mixture is then decocted over low heat. It is now common to have ginseng tea as dry-powder and dried grated forms.

Health benefits of ginseng tea

1. Contains a very powerful antioxidant

Ginseng has potent antioxidant properties. A study shows that it contains ginsenosides, which can inhibit inflammation and work as an antioxidant by removing unwanted radicals in the body.

Depending on the type of ginseng, their usage as antioxidants has many scientific proofs.

Of the three varieties of ginseng, teas made from red ginseng help alleviate oxidative stress through their antioxidant property. 

2. Improves brain function

According to a study, people who take ginseng tea have improved brain functioning. The ginsenosides present in ginseng tea can remove unwanted radicals that can result in brain damage.

However, during further studies, researchers noticed that its effect on the brain cells decreases over time.

Generally, ginseng improves mental functions and feelings of calmness.

It can be taken by healthy people and those with mental conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease.


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3. Helps treat erectile dysfunction

Well, this is certainly going to catch some attention. A study on the use of ginseng showed that it is an alternative treatment of erectile dysfunction.

It helps in the treatment in two ways. One is by removing oxidative stress in the blood vessels and tissues that make up the penis.

By doing this, there is proper functioning of the penis. The other is through the production of nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is a compound that works as a muscle relaxant. This action leads to better blood circulation in the penis. 

4. Boosts the immune system

Taking ginseng tea helps to strengthen the immune system. Many studies are examining the effect it has concerning cancer patients.

A study on its effect on chemotherapy treatment was carried out. In the study, 39 people recovering from stomach cancer used 5,400mg of ginseng daily for two years.

There was an improvement in their immune functions with lesser symptoms. Taking ginseng tea also affects influenza.

Therefore, by combining this tea with vaccines, significant improvements can be marked. However, there is a need for continuous research on its capability to boost resistance to infections.

5. May help fight against cancer

Ginseng tea’s chemical constituents, ginsenosides, helps in reducing the risk of some types of cancers.

Ginsenosides can act as anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants. Do you remember this? They reduce the risk of cancer by halting the abnormal growth of cells.


Taking ginseng tea has also been observed to reduce the tendency to develop cancers of the mouth, stomach, colon, liver, lung, and esophagus. 

6. Can decrease mental and physical fatigue

People taking ginseng tea shows a lesser tendency of fatigue.

A study links the chemical constituents of ginseng with the reduction of oxidative stress and the production of energy in the cells.

This leads to a decrease in fatigue levels. In a study carried out on cancer survivors having fatigue, the effect of ginseng on energy levels became visible.

364 cancer survivors having fatigue were placed on 2000mg of American ginseng. After eight weeks, there was a visible reduction in their fatigue level.

7. Reduces blood sugar level

Taking ginseng tea helps in controlling the blood sugar level in the body. Therefore, it is an alternative treatment for those suffering from diabetes.

Ginseng tea made from either American and Asian varieties has a positive effect on the pancreas.

They both improve the production of insulin, which makes storing glucose easy. There are many studies on how it reduces blood sugar levels.


A study used 6 grams of Korean red ginseng and anti-diabetic medication and diet to assess its effect on type 2 diabetes in using 19 people in 12 weeks.

The result was astonishing, with an 11% reduction in blood glucose level, a 38% reduction in fasting insulin, and a 33% increase in insulin sensitivity.

Another study using 10 healthy people shows the effect of American ginseng on blood sugar levels. The people used in the experiment showed an improvement in blood sugar levels after taking American ginseng.


There sure are numerous benefits to taking ginseng tea, as you can clearly see. However, you need to be cautious when taking them.

Talk to your doctor or dietitian if you are on any medication, pregnant, or if you have a health condition.