drinking peppermint tea health benefits

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Peppermint Tea

In this post, you’ll learn about the health benefits of drinking peppermint tea.

Tea offers various health benefits. And it’s been around for ages.

Herbal teas are particularly generous with the health advantages it provides to the body and mind.

Peppermint has the scientific name Mentha piperita L. It has a strong, fresh, minty taste that is usually used to flavor candy.

You can prepare peppermint tea by brewing its dried plant leaves. Or you can dilute peppermint oil in hot water. 

Health professionals recommend peppermint tea as a healthy drink and as a treatment for several illnesses. 


Besides its soothing aroma, peppermint tea contains bioactive components such as flavonoids. 

Let’s dive in and look at the top benefits of peppermint tea.

1. Is loaded with anti-bacterial properties

One of peppermint tea’s edge is its anti-bacterial properties.

These properties help counter several types of bacterial infections and ailments in humans. 

One study found that peppermint kills and prevents the proliferation of bacteria. For example, E. coli, Listeria, and Salmonella which are food-borne bacteria. 

In another study, researchers found that peppermint can help reduce certain types of mouth bacteria.

Furthermore, another research showed that Staphylococcus and pneumonia-linked bacteria are also inhibited through peppermint administration.

The polyphenol and menthol content of peppermint elicits its anti-bacterial properties.

2. Soothes headaches

Peppermint tea may help get rid of headaches and other respiratory congestion. 

This is because it contains menthol. Studies show that menthol in peppermint can help relieve headaches. 

In some cases, concentrated peppermint oil is comparable to paracetamol. It can help treat tension-type headaches. 

Peppermint tea is perfect in the sense that it warms you up and cools you down at the same time.

3. Relieves upset stomach

Peppermint tea helps with your stomachaches as well. 

Studies show that peppermint tea can help with digestion and stomach related issues. These include:

  • Non-ulcer dyspepsia 
  • Minor indigestions 
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and 
  • Other digestive tract spasms

Peppermint tea is also efficient at relieving gastroesophageal reflux diseases (GERD). 

You can finally say goodbye to your tummy aches when you gulp down this herbal tea. 

4. Can help improve seasonal allergies


Rosmarinic acid is another beneficial content of peppermint. It’s a plant compound commonly found in rosemary, hence its name. 

However, mint plants have this compound as well. 

And it helps to manage runny nose, irritated eyes, asthma, and other symptoms of allergy.

Further studies are needed to identify the degree of effectiveness rosmarinic acid in peppermint has. 

5. Ease menstrual cramps

The monthly visitor can sometimes be a pain in the head, aside from the abdominal pain it naturally brings. 

There’s still good news. Peppermint tea’s muscle-relaxing capabilities may just be the answer to your monthly menstrual cramps.

Menthol is yet again the super compound in peppermint tea that’s found to reduce muscle cramp intensity. 

And this gives peppermint tea its anti-spasmodic abilities. This in turn helps relax the uterine wall and ease the torment your period bears. 

6. Promotes oral health and fresh breath

Another benefit of drinking peppermint tea is that it provides fresh breath.

Peppermint has antibacterial properties that help kill germs in your mouth. These germs cause dental plaque and induce bad breath. 

In one study, researchers enrolled over 500 participants with oral malodor. 

They found that participants who rinsed their mouth with peppermint showed significant improvements in their breath in just a week of usage. 

More research is needed to confirm the effects of consuming peppermint tea to solve bad breath.

But its organic compounds showed promising results at improving one’s breath nevertheless.

7. Can help unclog sinuses 

Clogged sinuses are common in colds, allergies, and infections. 


Peppermint’s antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties can help unclog sinuses.

Peppermint tea’s menthol is shown to be an effective decongestant that will enhance airflow in your nasal cavities.

You can surely breathe easy with just a cup of aromatic peppermint tea.

8. Improves the immune system

Peppermint has potassiumvitamin B, and several antioxidants which can positively influence the body’s immune system. 

This is one of the most important health benefits of peppermint tea. Let me explain.

Aside from antibacterial properties, peppermint tea also contains bioactive contents. 

These bioactive contents like vitamin B functions in protein synthesis and nucleic acid metabolism. All of these can help boost your immune system.

9. Can decrease mental fatigue

In a clinical trial, researchers looked into the cognitive impact of peppermint.

The researchers reported that peppermint can support cognitive function. 

It helps decrease mental fatigue associated with prolonged and immense cognitive tasks. 

10. Improves sleep

While it does help you become mentally active, drinking peppermint tea is also an excellent approach to promote good rest.


It is an aromatic and caffeine-free beverage. 

Drinking peppermint tea in the evening can be a helpful bedtime routine. And it can help you relax before bed

Studies in both toddlers and adults show that a bedtime routine can help ease problems with sleeping. 

What a perfect way to end a long tiring day!


While there exist numerous types of tea, it is always worth your while to try peppermint tea. 

These health benefits of drinking peppermint tea are too good to ignore.

Plus its unique and cool taste is a surefire way to spice up your tea experience.