best teas for weight loss

10 Best Teas to Drink for Weight Loss

Try these refreshing herbal teas to make weight loss easier

A growing body of research shows how herbal teas can help with weight loss.

Herbal teas are the teas that are produced using plants, seeds, blossoms, roots, or products of all plants aside from Camellia sinensis. 

Before the creation of modern medication, several communities used herbs and seeds for treating anything from disease rashes or fever. 

In this post, you’ll learn about the top 10 herbal teas for weight loss. Let’s dive in!

1. Green tea

Green tea is the most broadly devoured beverage close to the water in Asian nations.


Besides, individuals in Asia have known about the valuable impacts of green tea on health for effectively many years. 

It is produced using the fresh leaves of Camellia sinensis which are handled quickly by the method of steam to prevent fermentation.

Green tea enhances energy expenditure and fat oxidation and thus induces weight loss. It contains Catechin flavonoids that act as an antioxidant and boost the metabolism of the body. 

Studies have shown that drinking green tea can assist individuals with shedding pounds and soften away the unfortunate midsection fat viably. 

2. Black tea

Black tea is a sort of tea that has gone through more oxidation process than different kinds, for example, white or oolong teas. 

Studies show that black tea helps in weight control. This is due to the catechins. Here’s why.

Catechins and caffeine present in black tea help expand energy metabolism and fat oxidation. This, in turn, may prompt loss of muscle to fat ratio and weight reduction.

3. Oolong tea

Oolong tea is a partially oxidized Chinese tea. It has a fruity fragrant aroma and unique flavor. 

Many studies have proved that oolong tea could help enhance the weight loss mechanism by improving fat burning and increasing metabolism. 

Also, Oolong tea plays the role of anti-obesity by inhibiting lipase activity, which is essential in lipid absorption. Oolong tea diminishes the cravings for food and somewhat, smother your hunger. 

The significant purpose for this is the impact of oolong tea on catecholamines. It helps to reduce the hankering for food. 

4. White tea

White tea is minimally processed and harvested while the tea plant is still young. Its taste is slightly sweet. 

The main components of this tea are polysaccharides, proteins, polyphenols, trace elements, minerals, amino and organic acids. 


It also consists of catechins that may help in weight loss. it also improves oral health and kills the cancerous cells in the body.

5. Rooibos tea

It is also known as Aspalathus linearis. It is made from flat acuminate leaves and yellow flowers.

Rooibos tea is a kind of herbal tea that has proven effective in fat burning

One of the test-tube studies has proved that this tea help increases the rate of fat metabolism and block the formation of fat cells in the body. 

Rooibos is calorie-free. So it is a good beverage option for people who are trying to stay healthy and weight loss.

6. Peppermint Tea 

The science behind peppermint teas longing for pounding powers exist in its fragrance profile. 

An investigation led by the Journal of Neurological and Orthopedic Medicine found that members who reliably breathed in mint’s oil shed 5 pounds every month.

Moreover, aromatherapists accept that the fragrance of peppermint triggers compound responses in the mind. This in turn decreases the sentiments of cravings.

7. Pu-Erh Tea

Pu-Erh tea is a true tea that is matured. The naturally oxidized form of this tea is known as raw Pu-Erh tea.

When microbes oxidize true tea, you get a ripe Pu-Erh. Studies link Pu-Erh. to decreasing weight in people having metabolic conditions.

Members who drank this tea three times a day for a quarter of a year had a slight decrease in BMI and body weight. 

Some other researches show that the consumption of this tea may suppress weight gain. 

8. Ginger tea

Ginger contains a compound called gingerols/shogaols. Gingerols enhance many biological functions in the human body. 


But that’s not all. It also has anti-obesity effect, which helps food to digest faster, and triggers the body to accelerate the digested food through the colon. 

Some studies show that gingerols may control blood glucose levels. This can be the key to losing weight. It also prevents cardiovascular damages in the body.

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9. Dandelion tea 

Dandelion tea plays an important role in weight management. An ongoing Korean source proposes that dandelion has a similar effect on the body as the weight reduction drug orlistat.

This effect works by restraining pancreatic lipase, a protein delivered during processing to separate fat. It has many more positive effects on the digestive system

Dandelion also relieves constipation. This tea is naturally caffeine-free and it does not affect the natural sleep cycle. It also improves appetite. 

10. Damiana Tea

Damiana is a flowering shrub abundant all through Mexico, the West Indies, and parts of central and South America. 

Several communities use the leaves as conventional home-grown treatments for tonic and purifying purposes.

A study revealed that Damiana along with guarana and yerba mate produces thermogenic effects and appetite suppression. 


It also delayed gastric emptying and gives the feeling of fullness and thus promotes the weight loss process.

Besides, the mood-enhancing effect, combined with the appetite suppressant effects, damiana may lead to the situational improvement of conditions that predicate to overeating, especially people who eat for enthusiastic solace. 

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While many people drink tea solely for its calming quality and delicious taste, there are many health benefits to each cup as well.

Replacing high-calorie drinks such as juice or soda with tea may help decrease the total consumption of calories and contribute to weight loss. 

Try these herbal teas to reduce weight.