yoga stretches for shoulder pain relief

7 Easy Yoga Stretches for Shoulder Pain Relief That Actually Work

Get rid of shoulder pain with these easy-to-do yoga stretches

In this post, you’ll learn about simple yoga stretches for shoulder pain relief.

We tend to spend plenty of time in front of our phones and computers. The constant slouching of the back can result in chronic shoulder pain. 

Shoulder pain can also be a result of strain, overexercising, or general stiffness after being sedentary for so long. 

Stretching your shoulder muscles are vital. They can help ease the tension on your shoulders and reduce any aches or pains. 

Let’s look at the simple yoga stretches you can do today. 


1. Rabbit Pose

The rabbit pose works incredibly well to release shoulder pains. The stretch is easy to perform.

Get on all your four limbs on your yoga mat and bend forward while placing the forehead on the yoga mat. 

Reach directly back and hold your heels and gently pull your body by the heels as you push the shoulders up. 

The rabbit pose is a fun and fantastic way of releasing pain within the shortest time possible.

2. Thread the Needle 

This is one of my favorite yoga stretches for shoulder pain relief. In this yoga stretch, move onto your knees and hands then place your left hand in the middle of the mat below the chest. 

Next, inhale some air as you stretch out your right arm to the right. 

Exhale and thread your right arm below your left arm. Do this while maintaining length in your right arms as you thread. 

Gently lower your right ear and right shoulder onto the yoga mat while keeping your hips at a high level. 

You can choose to straighten out the left arm and stretch it up above your head on the carpet.

Or you can decide to keep the left hand on the yoga mat just in front of your forehead. 

While carrying out the thread and needle pose, hold five deep breaths for a few minutes and then exhale. Switch sides when done.

3. Eagle Pose 

The eagle pose is another simple yoga stretch that will help you to know if your shoulders are flexible or not. 


When trying the stretch for the first time, you may encounter some difficulties trying to lock your hands together. 

But, with regular practice, you will be able to lock your hand effortlessly. And without any tension on your shoulders. 

To start, hook your elbows one under the other than try closing your fingers together. Let the shoulder blades below and far away from the ears as you raise the intertwined elbows high to increase their stretch. 

You can perform this stretch by either standing or sitting on your yoga mat. 

Deepen the elbow stretch, and it is in this process that you will feel the pain being lifted off your shoulder. 

4. Cow Face Arms 

Have a relaxed pose with your legs crossed. Instead of crossing your legs, you can stack your knees together for the pose. 

Slowly move your right arm behind your back, then place the palms between the shoulders. 

Also, move your left arm behind your back, and with it, try taking hold of your right fingers. 

If you need support, get a fabric or a strap and hold it with both hands still at the back. 

Practice the pose on both sides and expect significant shoulder pain relief. 

5. Reverse Prayer 

Sit on your heels and let your arms move behind the back until they meet. 


Press the palms together as if in a prayer position. Hold this pose for a few minutes then release it. 

Beginners may find this stretch challenging at first, but with practice, it is an easy one. 

6. Child Pose 

The child pose is an excellent stretch of relieving shoulder pain. In this stretch, fold over your curved legs and try reaching your arms. 

This way, your shoulders will fall open and relax from any pressure or tension. To get the best results out of the child pose and take deep breaths. 

And then release, let your shoulders move towards the down parts of your back, rather than allowing them to creep towards the ears. 

Hold the pose for 2-3 minutes so that the stretch can move into the depths of your muscles. 

It is effortless to perform and, good for yoga beginners.

Child pose helps to elongate the spinal cord while opening the shoulders to rid it from knots and stress. 

7. Child’s Pose with Block 

The Child’s Pose with Block is like an extension of the Child pose. 


After having the child’s pose stretches, you can take the yoga practice to another level. 

In this pose, place a block-like substance on top of your mat. And put your hand walk forward on this mat to allow your hips to be higher than your heels. 

Next, place the elbows on the block-like substance and let your hands point towards the roof as if in a prayer position. 

Lower your head between your arms and slowly sink your hips behind. 

The child’s pose with block stretches the muscles around your shoulders. Hold the pose for as far as your body feels safe. 

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