Yoga Stretches for Tight Hips: 11 Stretches That'll Make You Super Flexible

Yoga Stretches for Tight Hips: 11 Stretches That’ll Make You Super Flexible

Kiss hip tightness goodbye with these easy yoga stretches

In this post, you’ll learn how to do yoga stretches that’ll make your tight hips more flexible.

As people grow older most body parts lose their flexibility and become stiff. 

You might even feel pain from your joints hence you can choose to start on your journey for yoga. 

So let us review in detail some great yoga hip stretches.

Let’s dive in.

1. The high crescent lunge

This yoga hip stretch focuses on the hip flexors and quads. 


While doing a high crescent lunge, here are the steps to follow for a perfect high crescent lunge pose.

In a standing position, advance the left foot forward while leaving the right foot at the initial position. 

Set your feet apart at almost the whole mat-length in a staggered stance.

Bend your left knee and set straight your back leg with your right heel slightly lifted off the floor. Your left thigh should be parallel to the floor for a perfect stretch.

Stretch your arms towards the ceiling on both sides of your head. As you press into the floor you should feel your hips stretching.

Hold this position at least for 10 seconds and then repeat the same process on the alternate side.

2. Low lunge

This is one of the simple yet effective yoga stretches for tight hips.

It’s easy to follow the high crescent lunge. 

If you are in the high crescent lunge, you can directly drop your back knee to the floor, laying the lower leg flat on the mat. 

Hold this position for at least 10 seconds and then switch sides.

3. Lizard pose

From the low lunge position, here’s how to do it:

Use the support of your back foot to raise your hips inches from the ground. And square the front foot out to the side

Keep the back knee off the floor and straighten your back, while giving a decent stretch to your thighs

If you can, lower your forearms to the floor to allow a deeper stretch.

Keep the pose for about 10 seconds and then switch

4. Lizard lunge twist

From your lizard pose:

Put the back knee on the floor and bend your lower leg for your toes to reach up

With the opposite arm grab the back leg ankle

Begin to twist your back opening your chest towards the sky


You can put your forearms on the floor depending on your flexibility.

5. Outer hip lizard pose

This is a variation of the lizard lunge twist which focuses on the outer hip muscles. 

Follow these steps to perfect this position:

Bring your back knee to the floor. And stretch your lower leg in a way that most of your back leg thighs get in contact with the floor.

Rest your forearm on the floor for a deeper stretch and open your chest slightly towards the sky. 

If you can, twist your front foot to widen your front leg angle away from your body. 

Use the opposite hand to the front leg for balance and support.

6. Downward dog

To begin with, this pose, put your feet hip-width apart.

Place your palms flat on the floor and let your belly move in and up towards the spine.

Hold the position for at least 10 seconds.

7. Pigeon pose

From the downward facing dog position:

Bring your left leg in front and place it underneath your body in front of you. Make sure your shin is parallel to the top of your mat.

Stretch your right leg straight behind you, flattening the top of your foot on the floor.

Flex your left foot while keeping your right hip as close to the mat as possible. 

Use your arms to keep your back straight with a full upward stretch. You can stretch further by resting your head on the ground.

8. Supine pigeon

This position stretches the outer hip muscles.


Here’s how to do it:

Lie flat on your back with both of your feet on the floor.

Cross your left foot over the opposite thigh.

Raise your right leg off the ground; pull it towards your chest by holding your back.

Stretch for about 10 seconds.

9. Garland pose

This position stretches the inner thigh muscles. It’s one of the effective yoga stretches if you have tight hips. 

Here’s how to do it:

Assume a seated position, and space your feet to slightly more than your shoulder width. 

Rest your feet flat on the floor, with your toes facing out and keep your back straight.

Put your palms together in a prayer position allowing your elbows to face outwards

Place your elbows on the inside of your leg joint and press your knees to open.

Remain in this position for about 10 seconds.

10. Happy baby

This yoga position stretches your inner thigh muscles.


Lie on your back and with your feet flat on the floor.

Raise your feet so you can grab the outer edge of your feet with your hands.

Keep your whole back in contact with the floor. And pull your feet towards your chest allowing them to lower towards the floor on both sides of your body.

Hold this position for at least 10 seconds.

11. Bridge up 

This is one of the best yoga stretches for tight hips. To do this stretch:

Lay flat of your back arms extended on your sides, with your feet flat on the floor.

Use your heels to raise your hips, bend your knees upwards while bringing your feet closer to your body.

Intertwine your fingers underneath your body and press your fist into the mat.

Stay in this position for about 10 seconds.