Resistance bands benefits

6 Surprising Benefits of Resistance Bands for Exercise

Here's why you must add them to your workouts

Resistance bands add so many benefits to your exercises.

Resistance bands help with exercises without compromising proper form, flexibility, and variations.

Unlike other bulky gym equipment, a resistance band is a lightweight rubber band. It comes in many forms and sizes.

The thickness of resistance bands often indicates how suitable they are for certain kinds of exercises.

Resistance exercise bands are good for:


In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of using resistance bands for your exercise routines.

Let’s dive in!

1. Engages more muscles with good form

One of the benefits of resistance bands is that it allows you to recruit more muscles when you exercise.

Especially muscles that you would otherwise not engage in on a day-to-day basis.

Let me explain.

When you use resistance bands, you are able to engage several of your stabilizing muscles to improve your core strength.

In general, for each exercise, you’ll have the stabilizer muscles and the primary muscles.

The primary muscles are the ones you’re actively engaging.

The stabilizing muscles are the muscles helping you to keep an upright position and in good form. Stabilizer muscles keep your body steady.

During a resistance band exercise, like bent-over rows, you engage more stabilizer muscles and activate your core.

2. Enable good concentration

There’s a problem with fixed weights in the gym. The movements or range of motions are fixed because of the rack space.

The good news is resistance bands allow more movement.

Like free weights, resistance bands require more concentration. Both mind and muscle concentration help to complete a set of controlled exercises. 


This is when beginners who start using resistance bands complain they are unstable or even shaky.

But over time, as they learn to leverage the tension of the resistance bands, they improve control.

Using resistance bands together with their body strength, beginners get into better shape and strength.

3. Help you with compound exercises

A compound exercise is a workout that helps you recruit more muscle groups in the same workout, at the same time.

Resistance bands offer flexibility during an exercise.

This, in turn, helps you to target different muscle groups in a way that static machines can’t.

Whether you’re doing a squat or a deadlift, resistance bands can help you achieve this.

4. Make your workout better

Exercising or working out is not just about doing more reps.

Another important benefit of working out with resistance bands is it helps you have a good workout.

It’s not just about going fast. It’s not even about lifting the heaviest.

The key is moving the muscle groups in a way that helps you achieve your fitness goals.

Because resistance bands are versatile and lightweight, they can help you get better muscle movement or contractions.


This form leads to an overall improvement in the workout and can get you the results you want faster

5. Is an inexpensive way to stay in shape

The one reason people don’t sign up for going to the gym is the costs.

It’s not a good investment to spend $150 a month on a gym membership and not use it at all.

This is why resistance bands become an attractive option.

Resistance bands are inexpensive. Starting from $15, you’re likely to find a resistance band good enough for your fitness goals. 

6. More portable 

If there’s anything that stifles our fitness goals, it’s consistency.

One of the benefits of resistance bands is you can carry them and exercise with them wherever you go.

The results we want are on the other side of showing up consistently.

But here’s the problem:


When you often travel for work, it’s difficult to stay consistent with your workouts.

You’re not able to go to the gym. Or you’re not able to carry a dumbbell with you on the plane.

Well with resistance bands, you can easily stuff it into your regular travel bag and take it with you – anywhere.

Think of it as your mobile gym. This means you can work out consistently to achieve the results you want.


We’ve discussed some of the benefits of using resistance bands during your exercise.

Resistance bands are a great addition to your workout. They allow you to improve form, flexibility, and good posture.