how to get the best jump rope exercise results

How to Get the Best Results from Jump Rope Exercises

Easy ways to most out of your jump rope exercises

The old-school jump rope is an efficient workout exercise that packs a set of all-around benefits.

From improved coordination, balance improvement, and muscle activation to fat percentage reduction, jump ropes are a true full-body workout.

Rope jumping is quite simple and easy to practice. Its benefits attract you to add it to your routine exercise. It delivers excellent benefits at a lower price. 

These days, when everywhere is plagued with pandemics, rope jumping is the secret to staying fit. All you need to do is just get a good rope; there is no need for any expensive apparatus. 


In this post, you’ll learn about how to get the best results from your jump rope exercise.

What is jump rope? 

Jump rope is an exercise technique that has to do with swinging a light or weighted rope over the entire body.

As you swing this rope, it passes over your head and below your feet. It is a great cardiovascular exercise that causes the heart rate to increase.

This way, the heart, and other associated organs get a healthy charge. Jumping a rope is an easy and remarkable training exercise. 

Importance of jump rope exercise

Rope jumping is a cardiovascular workout that burns excess fat, along with several other benefits that it offers.

There are several benefits that jump rope training offers. Among these benefits are: 

Jump rope is a fun activity 

Rope jumping isn’t as serious as every other workout. It creates room for fun; you are able to enjoy yourself as you work out.

The fact that this exercise is fun makes it rather conducive for a daily routine. Consistency is a major key to positive results. 

Ensures overall wellness

Jump rope adds life to the years that we live. It ensures that there is improvement in different areas of our health.

Areas such as quality of sleep, mental alertness, an avenue to make new friends, and even how we react to stress.

It is rather apparent that jump rope has more importance that transcends the physical aspect.

Improves body’s balance

Knowing fully well that jump rope is a workout that allows for improved coordination in the body helps build balance


With each skip, balance is reintroduced to the body as the body struggles to stand and not fall off.

Maintaining a good balance comes with better coordination. As you practice from time to time, your body finds it easy to stay balanced.

7 Ways to Get the Best Jump Rope Results

Best jump rope results are derived when the workout technique is done correctly. Here are some of the tips on how to get the best jump rope results exercises:

1. Jump on the balls of your feet

When jumping rope, make sure that you gently jump up and down on the balls of your feet.

Your heels are not expected to come in contact with the ground. This is why rope jumping is regarded as an intense calves workout exercise.

2. Avoid swinging your shoulders/arms excessively

Rope jumping is a workout technique that centers mainly on the wrist. Like when an amateur swimmer tries to swim, he tries hard but doesn’t swim anywhere.

Good swimming lies in the quality effect of the strokes made.

There needs to be an efficient rotation/revolution for an appropriate jump rope routine.

You are not supposed to jump very high while using your arms or shoulder to swing the rope. Instead, let your wrist do the job and let it be in a circular motion. 

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3. Avoid jumping too high

Several rope jumpers tend to jump so high when training with a rope. The rope is about eight inches thick, and this gets heavier with every fast rotation and high jump. 


If you want a rhythm as you jump rope without necessarily wasting your energy, try small jumps. That is, keep your jumps to a minimal level and relax as you rotate the rope.

4. Make use of the right rope length

Using an extremely long or short rope when rope jumping affects the efficiency of the exercise. It disturbs the rhythm as well as makes the whole workout more tedious. 

How can you determine how your rope should be? 

If you divide the jump rope by placing it beneath your feet, its handles must get to your breastbone/sternum. 

5. Position your hands slightly above your waistline

The positioning of your hands is quite essential when jumping rope. Depending on the length of your rope, good hand positioning helps put the rope to good use. 

You are expected to bend your arms comfortably, putting your hands a foot away from your body and maintaining the waist level. 

6. Maintain a rhythm as you jump

You are permitted to jump rope as fast as you want, but it is rather advisable to get in a rhythm.

When you get in a rhythm, rope jumping becomes more effortless and more fun.


Just like when you hit your stride while jogging, you can apply this to your rope jumping practice.

7. Practice consistently

This is the most vital clue to getting the best results of all. The key to perfection is through consistent practice.

Therefore, to get the best results out of rope jumping, you are to practice, practice and practice. Research shows that regular rope jumping improves balance and coordination.


Rope jumping is an ideal and easy way to get desired fitness and health benefits. It doesn’t cost much, nor does it require any sophisticated equipment.

However, there are sure clues/tips to pay attention to get the best results from the exercise. You are sure to benefit immensely from jump rope training so long as you take those tips.