ice bath health benefits

Ice Bath: 7 Surprising Health Benefits (Backed By Science)

Absolute best reasons to take a cold bath with a warm heart

Have you ever wondered why athletes and fitness freaks take cold showers after extensive physical activity? 

It is believed that taking ice baths can reduce muscle aches and body soreness. 

An ice bath has numerous benefits when it comes to human health!

In this blog post, we will discuss ice bath health benefits.

Let’s dive in!

What is ice bath therapy? 

Before understanding health benefits, let’s first discuss what ice bath therapy is!

Simply run chilled water into a shower and add several bags of ice to form an ice bath. An ice bath should be approximately 10-15°C throughout the temperature. 


Ice bath therapy is the approach to cure health issues or activate certain health benefits utilizing cold water.

Coldwater immersion or Cryotherapy are yet other terms for it. 

If you’re ready to take the leap, there are a few factors to consider before putting your body on ice; the temperature of the ice, how long should you take the bath? How many ice baths a week? etc.

However, it’s a controversy that hasn’t quietened down among gym-goers throughout generations, but the science follows up!

How long should ice bath therapy be?

Ice baths are becoming extremely prevalent, and the reason is simple: they make you feel wonderful

Since it is evident and well understood that being in cold water for an extended period is not good for your body. 

Most people are curious to know, “Are ice baths dangerous”?

Well, to answer it scientifically, a time has been described keeping in view the human body. 

People would have the best effects after bathing in water temperatures between 10 and 15 °C (50 to 59 °F) for 10 to 15 minutes, according to ice bath research.

Health benefits of an ice bath

1. Lowers the inflammatory response 

According to researchers, lowering the temperature after exercise significantly reduces the inflammatory response and allows your body to recover faster.  

2. Reduces body pain 

Ice baths can help with restoration by reducing tenderness and stimulating healing. 

According to a study, Athletes who bathed in a pool of cold water having temperatures of 10°C to 15°C after exercising reported less muscle ache than those who did not.

3. Elevates your immunity 

Probably the most important health benefit of an ice bath is enhancing immunity!

There is scientific evidence that ice baths can help boost your immunity. 

According to a 2016 study published in PLOS One. People who take cold showers are about 29-31% less likely to call in sick for work or school.

A recent study also reported everyday exposure to cold water could increase antitumor immunity for weeks or months.

4. Improves athletic performance and recovery

Athletes have long utilized ice baths to increase their training intensity and ability. 

In 2015, a group of researchers conducted a meta-analysis and concluded that bathing with cold water cooled down aggressive individuals more effectively.

What’s sorcery? Immerse yourself within!

Whether you’ve just finished a tough workout or the weather is hot, cooling down rapidly is important in a variety of situations.

5. Boosts metabolism  

Another significant advantage of having cold showers is that it boosts metabolism


According to the results released in the New England Journal of Medicine, adding a cold shower to your daily routine can burn up to 400-500 calories every day!

6. Stimulates mood and sleep 

Did you know about ice bath brain benefits?

Yes, an ice bath also provides beneficial effects on your brain!

Ice baths have a calming impact on the central nervous system, allowing you to sleep better and feel better.

As a result, your response time and athletic ability may improve in upcoming sessions.

It elevates your mood which can make you feel relaxed and less stressed. 

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7. Supports mental health

In 2018, research was conducted on a woman who had been depressed and anxious since she was only 17. At the age of 24, she attempted cold hydrotherapy. 

The results were amazing. Her mental health immediately improved to a point where she no longer depended on medicines! 

It will not be wrong to say that when implemented correctly, ice baths are beneficial for your body. 

Coming towards an in-depth argument on this aspect this is important to highlight the tips to take an ice bath for better repercussions. 

How do ice baths benefit the skin? 

People are especially seeking skincare regimes. 

In that regard, ice bath skin benefits should be considered!

Your skin is perhaps the most obvious benefit of a chilling cold shower.

Hot water can dry up your skin by casting aside the natural oils, whilst cold water dilates blood vessels, temporarily compressing pores, and eliminating redness. 

The freezing blast of a cold shower isn’t just good for the skin; it’s also healthy for your hair!

While washing your hair in warm water isn’t necessarily a negative thing, terminating your shower with a cold rinse will help seal in moisture while tightening the cuticle in your skin to anchor your hair. 

Furthermore, the benefits of an ice bath for the skin can be classified in the following way:

Detoxification, reducing stress, help tightening skin, glowing”.


Does ice bath help with weight loss? 

Another idea is that cold bathing boosts brown fat activity in terms of generating heat, and the calories expended to sustain body temperature result in weight loss

In a 2009 study, severe cold temperatures elevated brown fat activity 15 times in participants, culminating in a 9-pound annual weight loss if the cold stress was maintained.

Well! It is clear from the discourse that having an ice bath is one of the best therapies to handle many health problems.

 Likewise, choosing an ice bath to solve body, skin, as well as other problems is far superior to consulting doctors and allowing our bodies to become hooked to pharmaceuticals.

Does ice bath benefit mental health?

Mental health is indeed one of the most important aspects of your life. 

Covering this concept under the umbrella of an ice bath, it can be said; “Swimming in cold water regularly can help you cope better with various sorts of stress since the body learns to regulate stress hormones like dopamine”. 

Your system sends a signal to your heart to beat faster, helping to warm your body to provide extra energy.

Being in cold water pressure increases adrenaline, which might make you feel ecstatic. 

The release of endorphins, a neurotransmitter that makes us feel pleasant and can even relieve pain. 

Consequently, swimming in cold water or enjoying a cold bath can boost your enthusiasm, confidence, and even appetite! 

How many ice baths in a week? 

Taking a bath daily is a compulsory and obvious thing to keep yourself clean.

However, an ice bath is something different and arguable than how many times a bath in ice should be taken in a week.

Over a few weeks, one ought to do two-minute ice bath treatments. 

Incubation times should be within 10 and twenty minutes, according to one source. 


Simply, it can be said that 1-2 ice baths in a week are enough therapeutically as well as physically. 

Why should you have an ice bath after a workout? 

Athletes often take ice baths after workouts. Let’s have a look at the benefits of an ice bath after a workout!

A meta-analysis of 99 studies reviewed the effectiveness of numerous rehabilitation treatments for reducing pain, fatigue, and inflammation.

These treatments included water therapy, massage, and cold bath

Ice baths and massages were found to be the most effective in preventing inflammation.

Massages were by far the most helpful in reducing cramping and exhaustion.


Ice bath health benefits have been known for ages. Coldwater therapy has been utilized as a therapeutic tool. 

An ice bath can help you relieve muscle pain, reduce inflammation, aid breathing, improve mental health and enhance your mood. 

It’s no mystery that boxers and competitive performers utilize ice baths as part of their recovery and fitness regimes. 

But now that you’ve begun your at-home boxing workouts and are throwing in the exertion, it’s time to slow down!