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Benefits of Full-Body Workouts: 5 Results That’ll Skyrocket Your Fitness

Avoid the fitness plateau. Full body workouts gets you more results for your time

Full-body workouts consist of compound movements that don’t just activate one muscle in isolation.

Instead, in a full-body workout, multiple muscles work simultaneously in a single exercise. Examples of full-body workouts include kickboxing and playing soccer.

Like many workouts, full-body workouts have many benefits. Workouts play a vital role in our lives. Different kinds of workouts are made for people with varying types of bodies.


Every workout has its advantages and disadvantages. In the rest of this article, we will take a look at some of the benefits of full-body workouts.

1. Build muscle mass

Building muscle mass is beneficial for every individual. A study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that cardiac failure and cancer linked to fast and extensive loss of muscle mass, strength, and metabolic function. 

Muscle mass improves mobility and enables us to fend off chronic diseases. But there’s a common misconception that the only way to build lean muscle and mass through lifting weights. Not true.

One of the benefits of full-body workouts is that it can help you build lean muscle. This because as you engage multiple muscles during a full-body workout.

But that’s not all. You also stimulate several growth muscles, while at the same time improving balanced physique, muscle symmetry, and good posture.

Muscle mass is beneficial as it strengthens the muscles and aids in enduring any kind of damage. It accelerates metabolism and thus promotes an excellent metabolic system.

2. Improve cardiovascular health

Cardiovascular health refers to how healthy our hearts and blood vessels are with each day. If we don’t take care of our cardiovascular health, we tend to struggle with diseases like coronary heart disease, heart failure or stroke.

The best way of treating heart is by doing exercise or any kind of physical activity. There are numerous benefits of workout on heart health. As workout helps in keeping the level of blood pressure normal. 

The good news is that several studies have linked regular physical activity to improve cardiovascular health. 


In a full-body workout, you’re constantly engaging multiple body parts and muscles. This prolonged physical movement is a great cardiovascular exercise since you’re keeping your heart rates up. 

This means not only are you able to improve your heart’s immunity to diseases but also you’re improving the healthy circulation of blood to different parts of your body.

3. Improve bone health

The National Osteoporosis Foundation reported that approximately 10 million Americans have Osteoporosis and another 44 million have low bone density.

Research has shown the positive impact and effect exercises have on improving bone strength and health.

As the person grows older, the bones start to become weak and fragile. A workout is a necessary element for making bones strong and healthy.

Physical activities help the bones get strong in the same way as they aid the muscles. 

One of the most cited and classical studies in bone health was done by researchers Rubin and Lanyon. Their findings were published in the journal, Calcified Tissue International.

According to Rubin and Lanyon, the human bone responds to dynamic loads and not sensitive to static loads. In full-body workouts, you’re engaging multiple parts of your body with dynamic loads varying in magnitude.


Rubin and Lanyon recommend that the following principles for any exercise aimed at improving bone strength: 

  • A few load cycles are necessary and sufficient (for instance: 4-5 jumps);
  • Loads must be of high magnitude
  • Apply loads at a high rate
  • Loads should produce an unusual distribution of strain (strain is the unit of deformation)

4. Burn more calories

Because of all the movements of the body during a full-body workout, the body is still in full metabolism mode trying to replace lost nutrients, even afterward. 

Metabolism is the process by which our bodies convert what we eat and drink to energy. Your body’s insulin level is also sensitive at this time so there is no way it will store glycogen as fats.

Also, full-body workout there is the production of lactic acid which helps to supplement the inadequate oxygen in the body. 

Adrenaline is produced alongside which helps to move fats resulting in the burning of fats and muscle build-up. 

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5. Improve body tone 

If you’re looking to lose belly fat and improve the muscle tone of your body, playing soccer can be an option.

The combination of fast and slow movements means that you’re tapping into two important kinds of energy pathways. 

The first is the aerobic pathway which slowly spikes large amounts of energy. The second pathway is anaerobic. It produces energy quickly but in small quantities.

The result is that not only do you burn more calories, but also uses a lot of muscle fibers.