butt exercises to get toned and sculpted

7 Butt Exercises That Will Seriously Get You Toned and Sculpted

Simples butt workouts to get toned and sculpted

Do you want to tone and strengthen your butts? If yes, then in this post, you’ll learn the best butt exercises to get toned.

Several butt exercises help to trim down the fats, give great shape and strength to your butts. 

Before we even look at the specific exercise, let’s first understand the benefits of butt exercises.

Benefits of butt exercises

Butts are the largest muscle group in your body and support many other muscle groups. 

Strong and well-trained butts are important to help improve hip flexibility


It also helps stabilize your pelvis during jogging, climbing, and walking

So it healthy to have strong butts. Let’s look into some more benefits of butt exercises. 

Improve posture

‘Sitting consistently’ has become a disease, and it affects you in many ways. 

One of the ways is posture imbalance caused by weak or tightened hips and over-extended glutes.

Butt exercises like squats, lunges, and deadlift strengthen your hip muscles. And eventually, they improve your posture.

Prevent injury

A weak or fatty glutes put you at risk of lower back injuries

If your glutes are not strong, then other muscles need to involve in extension and movements. 

When your muscles overwork, you can experience pain and discomfort. 

Weak butt muscles result in poor alignment of the lower body and increase the risk of injuries and aches. 

Butt exercises are very helpful in this case, and they strengthen your glutes. 

Butt exercises like hip thrusts and deadlifts are good exercises to strengthen your glutes.

Improve athletic performance 

Well-trained and perfect butts improve your athletic performance.

That’s why butt exercises are part of every athlete’s workout routine

Glutes are capable of generating immense power. This power enhances your speed, acceleration, and endurance. 

Performing butt exercises adds strength to your butts and lower back. It helps to improve your athletic performance.

Increase fat loss


Generally, butt exercises target your full body. These exercises are beneficial at burning excess fat and calories.

Butts and hamstrings are two of the biggest muscle groups. 

And they become metabolically active after regular exercise, thus results in faster fat loss even at rest. 

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Here are effective butt exercises to get toned

Hopefully, you now know the benefits of butt exercises and why you need to induce them in your workout plan. 

Now, we’ll look into 7 best butt exercises to get toned and how to do them. 

1. Bridge 

This is a great beginner-level butt exercise that you can do at your home, gym, or park. 

This butt exercise works your glutes, abdominal muscles, and lower back. 

It is very easy to perform this exercise. 

How to do it:

You need to lie down on your back.

Keep your arms straight on the ground. Create a 90-degree angle between your feet and knees while keeping your feet on the ground.

Now, lift your hips and create a straight line from your head to knees. 

Make sure to lift from your hips, not chest.


2. Single leg bridge

This is another excellent butt exercise like a bridge. But it is a bit challenging version of the bridge. 

Everything is the same as bridge exercise, but here you’ll extend one leg while keeping one on the ground.

3. Hip thrust 

It is one of the best butt exercises. It strengthens your hips by working them against gravity at an angle. 

You can do this exercise at your home easily. 

You need to support your upper back on a sofa or bed and look for height where your knees and chest is in a straight line. 

Make sure to keep a 90-degree angle between your feet and knees. Now, drop and lift your hips while keeping the feet in its place.

4. Single leg hip thrust 

Single leg hip thrust is a tougher version of hip thrust and provides better results. 

The process is the same as a hip thrust. But you’ll need to raise a leg along with your hips while keeping one leg on the ground.

5. Deep squats

This great butt exercise involves the greatest glute activation. 

This provides flexibility to your glutes and adds strength to your core muscles as well. 


It is a simple, yet very effective exercise. 

It is just like squats but feet little wider than the shoulder, and you need to go as deep as possible.

6. Step-up

Step-up is a dynamic exercise that does not only work your glutes, but it is a very effective cardio exercise as well. 

7. Flutter kicks 

This butt exercise targets your abdominal muscles and glutes. It’s a favorite of the many butt exercises to get toned.

This exercise helps you in building round, firm, and strong butts. 

Lie on your back while keeping your hands below your lower back. First, raise one leg fully extended about 3 feet off the ground. 

Push one leg up as you lower down the other one.