beginner jump rope exercises

4 Best Jump Rope Exercises for a Beginner

Get your sweat on with these jump rope exercises

Are you looking for easy jump rope exercises for a beginner? Read on to find out.

The rope is a piece of inexpensive small-sized workout equipment perfect for any private gym or public gym. This small piece of material that works wonders has the capability of changing your workout life. 

Over time, jump rope exercises have helped a lot of individuals, both young and old, gain a much better grip on their physical and mental health. 

Anyone that jumps rope torches fat in the body and calories. Here, we will discuss some beginner jump rope exercises for people who are relatively new to the drills.


Before then, let’s check out the benefits of doing jump rope exercises.

Are jump rope exercises good for me?

Whenever anyone indulges in an exercise, they do so purposely because of the benefits that it serves.

Jump rope is a remarkable exercise available and practicable to all. It offers a wide variety of both psychological and physical advantages.

When you jump rope, your natural endorphins receive an increase. Thus, making your mood good as ever and heightening your libido and energy.

Jump rope is a secret tool used for torching excess body fat and caloric intake. Meanwhile, this exercise burns more fat than biking, running, and even swimming

Cardiovascular improvement is a must for individuals who jump rope. This sets in precisely because jumping rope increases the heartbeats and puts the lungs to work.

As the cardiovascular region improves, other parts of the body do not miss out on the great disbursement of benefits. The muscles of the body in different areas gain strength

Likewise, the overall body coordination is assured.


Not only does rope jumping give all these benefits, but it also enhances metabolism in the body, giving it a significant boost.

Easy jump rope exercise for beginners

Beginner jump rope exercises should not be too challenging. Thus, we have selected some of the easiest drills to help you get the best out of the workouts. 

1. Jump Rope Basic Jump

It is a basic fundamental exercise routine that is suitable for all, especially beginners.

It is simple and recommended as the first rope jumping skill to learn. A Journal of Sport Science and Medicine reveals that rope jumping helps gain body balance and better coordination. 

How to do: 

  • Keep your feet together while standing 
  • Bend your knees slightly 
  • Bounce gently off the ground with the mid part of your feet
  • Keep your hands inbound with the plane of your whole body
  • Begin to swing the rope forward over and below the body as you desire

2. Jump Rope Alternate Foot Step

This technique is one of the most beneficial beginner routines. It is efficient and effective.

It helps to work on a better endurance level and lower body fitness.

Research shows that techniques involving the legs work well on the lower limbs.

How to do: 

  • Start with one foot
  • Switch to the other foot like you are stepping
  • Get your hands near the hips positioned in the bound of the body’s plane
  • Add the rope to the process by swinging it over and below your body
  • Start with a slow rhythm alternating between both feet

3. Jump Rope Jacks

The jump rope jacks are a fun and interesting jump technique. It is for all levels of jumpers. 

The jump jack technique works well on activating the thigh muscles. Research confirms that the leg muscles involved in rope jump get activated and improve with a constant workout.

How to do: 

  • Start with your feet slightly together
  • Jump to a wide position with your feet wide apart 
  • Jump back to a narrow position
  • Continue jumping as you swing the rope over and below your body simultaneously
  • Maintain a balanced and consistent rhythm

4. Jump Rope Side Swings

This is a straightforward routine to work with, and it has no complicated steps. It helps to train the upper body and reduce body fat percentage.

According to research, rope jumping helps to increase metabolism.

How to do: 

  • Start with your body positioned straight and feet kept slightly together 
  • Put the rope in one hand or hold with both hands
  • Bring your hands together over each other as you swing the rope to a side
  • Swing to the other side
  • Avoid turning your torso
  • Maintain a rhythm as you swing from side to side 


Jump rope is the best choice of exercise for anyone who is just joining the fitness club. There are quite a few easy routines you can do.

As a beginner, it might all seem a little boring and challenging to understand at first. Know that you are free to tweak things to your preference to enjoy the workout. Just make sure to do it right. 

The beginner jump rope exercises discussed above will help you get started. With great dedication and consistency, desired goals would be achieved in a short period.